Second lot of Chinese relief for calamity hit Gojal Valley on the way

Fuel relief comprises 3000 tons Coal, 75 tons Diesel, 15 tons of petrol

PT Report

Sost, November 17: Second lot of relief goods, mainly fuel items, send by the Chinese Government is likely to be received at the Khunzhrav Border within a couple of day.

Deputy Commissioner of Hunza – Nagar, Zafar Waqar Taj, is in China to facilitate transportation of the relief items to the Gojal Valley.

The very huge amount of coal being sent to Gojal Valley has been welcomed by majority of the local people because winters in the valley are relatively very harsh.

However, apprehensions have also been expressed by certain quarters about the environmental and health impact of excessive coal burning.

People have also demanded transparency in distribution of the petroleum products. The Diesel and Petrol sent earlier was used by the government and not a single litter has been provided as relief to the calamity hit region. The local people have demanded of the Supreme Appellate Court to intervene and stop the corruption by civil administration and the government.

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