Most recent photographs from the Attabad lake barrier

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Thanks for Sharing with us.Good job Keep it up PT.

    We the People from over Seas totaly depend looing @ PT for our homeland Update

  2. thanks PT for the Latest information can we get some latest pics from shishkat village as well. thanks for keeping us up to date.

  3. Dear all

    I am always praying to God that every thing will be ok Allah with us but plz all my youth of Gojal dont forget this moment and before casting your vote plz identify the person dont give vote to such nonsence person like the way we did this year.

  4. Next 4 days are very crucial. They lake will overtop the barrier…..what is to be seen is what type an dhow fast the erosion will be. There is strong chance that the errosion/barrier breach will be fast and this can generate a tsunami type of flood wave that can be as high as 40 meters at some places.
    We all should be prepared.FOCUS has done good job of marking 60 meters as safe height and along with local government in doing evacuation drills and moving people.

    I wish the NDMA would have heard and listen to advice of experts that FOCUS had called to Attabad in Febuary/March.I wish NDMA would have called the expert Chinese landslide police in January and requested their advice.

    I wish an drequest that FOCUS/NDMA/GBDMA should have an international conference on lanadslides,avalanches,GLOF in Sep/October this year to understand and address the landlside/avalanche problems of the area and draw up a long term strategy.With Gen. Nadeem now as Chairman of NDMA there is hope for people of Pakistan.FOCUS Chairperson Ms Khadija is also a very well educated and progressive professional and friend of people of GB

  5. Thank you so much Zulfi and your team for updating us about the recent situation of the lake by posting news and photographs. We very much appreciate your kind services in this way. I am sure you and your tallented team will keep continue your detached services in future too. Prayers for re-gaining peace and tranquility of our lovely Gojal and for the people’s safety and good health(Aameen).

  6. We always pray for the safety of people of the area. Politions are making fack commentS, GROUND realities are somthing else, Govt. of GB is doing its efferts but no enough to meet current situation. Each and everyone must play his/her role in this seniro:

    May God bless people of the area,

    Best regards

  7. Dear PT,

    We really appreciate your hard work for updating us about each and every situation occuring in the area. I would request you to upload some latest pictures from Shishkat too which is the largest area and population affected during the disaster. Because, PT is only the mean on which we rely for the updates.

  8. I wonder how a natural disaster of this magnitude takes place and remains more or less unnoticed by the international media. Especially considering the amount of people allready affected and those threatened by possible flooding once spillover occurs.
    So thanks for the information on PT and All The Best to the people of Gojal!

  9. thank you very much Zulfiqar for your excellent work, your efforts give us an overview about the disaster. we are very conscious about the possible destructions

    we missed you one day when you did not up-date the side….

  10. Congratulations and thank you to all Pamir Times’ staff for all the great reporting work. Without you, only people of Hunza & Gojal would know about what’s happening.

  11. Thankyou for providing updates of yesterday. I saved the pics as evidence of situation. Please do not display the pics of persons who collecting leftovers.

  12. Dear Zulfiqar

    You have done a tremendous job particularly updating us about the disaster of Ataabad land slide. Congratulations!!!!
    Keep it up

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