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Who shall lead us – III


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  1. Since the arrival of Ziaul Haq on the political scene of Pakistan, Politics in Pakistan has been tainted by corruption and accumulation of money. It has now become a dirty business like smuggling. Unfortunately, politicians of my beloved Gilgit Baltistan have learnt this dirty game from their Pakistani counterparts.
    The characteristics of a leader enumerated above are all badly needed except the high level connection. Are we not going to encourage traditional leaders and also corruption through this criteria. Let us encourage honest and dedicated people this time. The media should also play its role properly. We should elect leaders who are sincere with common people and are ready to help them instead of grabing money and other priviliges for themselves.

  2. Respected Dr Sabit Rahim, I am really thankful to you for sharing your valuable thoughts on various topics, from time to time, on this blog. We have a lot to learn from your experiences as a bureaucrat and a son of the soil.

    I completely agree with your analysis, in terms of the vitality of all the qualities for leaders. It is unfortunate, however, that people in our region vote for “links at the highest levels”.

    During the last NALA elections Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan was supported by opinion leaders and activists because of his ‘links’ in the higher circles, expecting magical works from his superior contacts. How these links could have been exploited for personal gains, and/or misrepresentation at the highest level (for example projecting women of the region as “miscreants” in front of President of the Islamic Republic, or ministers and army leaders, during the Silk Route Dry Port issue), none explained to the voters, or cautioned them.


  3. ya:
    up coming elections in the region of Hunza want a real change from orthodoxy, in past we have valued our politicians according to their traditional background…………… in contemporary politics when we put a glance on international politics, democracies are establishing on personal abilities rather then traditional one…………….. so as a unique nation and educated nation we have to vote for a change…………… for quality education, for standarized infrastructure, for better health, to supress poverty and unemployment and to tackle various issues………….

    Piyar Ali Sagi Khuda Abadi
    Former General secretary
    Hunza Student Federation.

  4. India’s Congress party tells members to shed royal titles
    NEW DELHI: India’s governing Congress party has told its blue-blooded members to drop royal titles that are still in use even though the country became a republic 59 years ago. Prior to independence, India consisted of hundreds of princely states, and descendants of their rulers continue to play a prominent part in local and national politics. Several politicians of royal lineage still use titles like ‘maharaja’ (king) and ‘maharani’ (queen). The Congress said this would have to stop. “Everybody is a common man in India. Royal designations are a thing of the past,” Congress General Secretary Janaradhan Dwivedi told AFP on Wednesday. “All feudal titles will be removed from the Congress party records. No one will have king, queen or prince appendages before their name.” –Courtesy Daily Times June 18, 2009

    Will any political party, mainstream or nationalist, or conscious citizen of Gilgit-Baltistan dare to put our self–styled Mirs, Ranis and princes and Rajas to test?

  5. Dear Noor
    I am thankful to Pamir Times that my thoughts are at least read and commented upon. Pamir times deserves congratuation for providing opportunities and space to discuss political issues of our region. If we don’t discuss and find solution to them,we will be doomed to exploitation like our fore- fathers. We should follow the example of Indian congress to do away with all the royal titles. This is the essence of democracy. People are popular sovereign and stand equal chance to rule based on the popular will. We must eliminate remnants of Feudalism. Please also discuss the political problems of Ghizer district at your forum. Your brethern in that district are unaware about their political rights and hence vulnerable to severe exploitation.

  6. Respected Dr sb

    We are currently expanding our team by inviting people from rest of the GB to join hands with us. I am glad that Shan M Khan from Gupis (a student of computer sciences at GIKI) and Liaqat (a student of Mass Communications at FUUAST – Khi) have agreed to join our team. Gradually, Inshallah, we will also get people from Punial and Ishkoman and other parts of the GB.

    In my opinion, however, Ghizar is the hub of nationalistic movements so we feel that people in that district, specially the youth, are more mobilized politically. Nevertheless, we can always learn from each other.


  7. Largely agree with Dr Sabit Rahim. Noor this is great to see the opinion poll on this topic.

    It is interesting to note, viewing the results of the opion poll so far:
    12 votes for power of expression, 68 votes for visionary, 27 votes for organizing skills and 10 votes for integrity and so the rest..

    Does this mean, those who voted here ( the youth and bloggers, not necessarily actual voters), think that if our elected leaders have i) a vision ii) good mobilizing skills iii) communication skills and some integrity, he/she could prove to be the best choice to represent us?

    If we talk to common voters/villagers they would give value to qualities/skills, like i) educated ii) well respected and known to communities and government circles alike iii) honest iv) brave and outspoken v) possess material wealth, so that he/she could be mobile and host officials and guests, and is not enticed by money and contractors.

    Machiavelli talked in The Prince about qualities like i) knowledge about statecraft, ii) realistic, iii) generous iv) disciplined v) command respect, both loved and feared by people vi) should not be morally or ethically corrupt.

    To borrow from Weber we may look at three qualities:

    i) Passion: meaning should have a clear commitment to a cause. A vision and the ability to transform ideas into action;

    ii) Judgement: ability to analyse the change, and make sound decisions.Ability to judge what people need and want from him/her;

    iii) Responsibility:feels responsible to people, accountability. Understands and adopts the social values of the society and commits to be responsible to the poor, to the vulnerable, to environment and to all segments of the society including the women and the youth.

  8. Dear Pamir Times
    Thank you very much. I am glad that you have included two young men from Ghizer district. I will also be joining you guys from time to time with my humble opinion. I know Ghizer is the hub of nationalistic movement. But the number of those revolutionary people seem to be limited,otherwise there should have been some positive changes in terms of local politics.

  9. As the voters are looking for visionary elected reps, i just came across this

    Visit this site to get another view about Visionary politicians:

    The curse of visionary Politicians-obviously it is an American perspective, but you may relate it to your context.

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