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Passu Students Association launches magazine named “Tribute”

Cover page of the magazine
Cover page of the magazine
Karachi: The Passu Students Association (PSA) has launched first edition an educational and cultural magazine named TRIBUTE. The magazine has been launched to commemorate 25th year celebrations of the PSA.The 70-pages, beautifully designed, magazine contains articles by experts and students. The magazine also contains details and photographs related to the history of Passu Students Association (PSA), an organization from the Passu Village of Gojal Valley, upper Hunza, known for excellence in the field of sports, culture and education.
The magazine has been designed by Israr Ahmed Salauddin while Asif Sayed is the editor.
Electronic version of the magazine is available online (

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  1. Wonderful job, PSA. congrtulations for your 1st eddition of “TRIBUTE” . It is realy a Tribute to your elders and leaders. Again I would like to other students to follow each other for efforts like this to contribut their parts for such positive functions for their areas, their country and their families .

    Saidullah Baig
    CEO, CAI-G.

  2. Congrats!

    Keep up all best efforts to enlighten the society. The rational and intellectual ways of growth are our core values.

  3. thats a nice effort but i would like the passu students federation head to dont limit ur activities among passu people but also include other village organizition to promote will elobrate brotherhood and unity among the gojal people.

  4. Excellent efforts, PAS has a great history of organizing Cricket events, eid millan, facilitating and encouraging students for their studies. Keep up your good efforts and move ahead.

  5. Thanks for the TRIBUTE and congratulations to your jubilee. Passu will always have a place in our hearts since our visit last spring. Erik and Ingvar, two travellers from Sweden

  6. Thanks and its immense gratitude from all the respected peoples with there views and guidance which is always been served as a refracting image which gives the positive encouragement for the Association to work with more dedication and hard work to maintain the glory standards set by the PSA Association .

    This Magazine is a Collective effort of all the Volunteers and Intellectuals,who give there ideas and time to achieve a milestone gift for all the people of Passu on the Association Silver Jubilee Year.

    Last ! once again i would like to thanks for there Supporting Views and Node of Encouragement. And Special THANKS to both Loving Fellows from Sweden ( ERIK & INGVAR ) for there words of Appreciation.


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