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2012 was a horrible year for Human Rights in Gilgit-Baltistan: IHRO

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Gilgit, January 20: A Gilgit based organization working on Human Rights related issues in Gilgit-Baltistan has painted an abysmal picture of the year 2012.

23 people, including 10 females and 13 males, committed suicide in different parts of Gilgit-Baltistan during the year 2012, according to statistics shared by Mohammed Farooq, Chief Coordinator of International Human Rights Observer(IHRO), GB Chapter.

Most of the cases of suicide were related to familial disputes, while some were caused by distress due to financial constraints or other pressures.

IHROSome people argue that in many cases murders are disguised as suicide and the criminals walk free due to lack of evidence, or by threatening and bribing the police officials.

Gender based violence also surged during the year, as at least six women were killed in cases related to honour and pride. One man was also killed in an “honour” related case. Two cases of gang-rape were also reported during the year. The culprits in one case were arrested and sentenced to life-imprisonment.

IHROimageMob violence and targeted attacks took around 96 lives, while 23 people received major and minor injuries in cases attributed to sectarian violence. Most of these deaths occurred during the massacres and targeted attacks in Kohistan, Chilas, Lulusar (Babusar) and Gilgit city.

The IHRO has said that increased lawlessness in Gilgit-Baltistan has put a question mark on the efficiency and ability of the novice government, the law enforcement agencies and all organizations working for maintenance of peace in the region.

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  1. Upon review of the statistical data which seems authenticated and correct, in 2013 there should high focus on (1) Sectarian violence and (2) suicide attempts. role of political and religious leadership is very much important to over come sectarian violence and suicide attempts.

    Nice and commendable efforts done by IHRO.

  2. Thanks IHRO for sensitization regarding human rights. It would be better that if sucicide cases were indicated by districtwise to work on it by CBOs, LDOS and civil society forums. So far many leaders and administrators are unfamiliar about universal declaration regarding human rights and mostly violated by these responsible personnels.Sessions may be conducted by HRC for such personnels who are directetly involved with human well beings.If any officer or leader or party worker breaches the law he is considered bold as he dishonoured the rule of law and violated basic human rights.It is prime responsibility of leadership and mangement to mentor their staff and ensure respect the rule of law.It has come to our notice that the political leadership compels officials to surpass the rules and officers listen them. In such situation both are guilty and dishonest as they worked against the rule and nature and their authority became controversial and cause of uneasiness and discomfort for society and people as well. This uneasiness and discomfor further develops gaps amongst institution and people, and ultimately the leadership and management looses its credibility.
    This is the need of hour for management and leadership ( Social sector and Govt. sector) to be well versed with all universal declarations and values that also reflects the Islamic values.

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