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Worst road condition affecting tourism in NAs

by Yousuf Ali

GILGIT: The worst condition of road is the main reason for the dwindling tourism in the beautiful valleys of Northern Areas where tourist activities are almost invisible in the peak season.

There are certainly other reasons contributing to the worsening tourism activities in this most peaceful region. The other reasons include the unclear status of the areas, their name and the sectarian tension, which sometime result in clashes.

“The road right from Gilgit to Thakot in Battagram district presents its worst shape. It is due to the lousy road the 14-hour drive from Gilgit to Pindi can now be covered in 25 long hours,” said a driver.

An official of Northern Areas Transport Corporation (Natco), wishing not to be named told, The News that the road might pose threat to the integration of the country, as according to him the people of the Northern Areas had serious reservations over the backbreaking land route. More

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  1. Thanks for the information mr. YOUSF. Once again it is request to all to spreat Gilgit-Baltistan in all your crosspoundances at National and International. This will help to understand the international community this area is geographicall different from the North of Pakistan.

    Looking the condition of the sole road that links Gilgit-Baltistan to the rest of country there is no doubt if due diligenceon this matters has not taken it will craet a dilink of the area.Why the C

    Concern Departments andpolitical leaders are in harbination in this matter is a question mark for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    May be they are looking for a better solution in this way. If any please do share with us for our update and knowledge.

  2. Yes! it is true that due to the worse road conditions, which is one of the reason that tourists are shying to visit the peaceful region of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB).

    What I think the present Government is doing nothing to promote tourism in GB. One could imagine if the Federal Minister for Tourism is a MAWLANA who even don’t know the ABC of tourism than how tourism will flourish in our area. (Andher Nagri Chopat Raaj). The Government is not trying to clarify or distinguish between GB and Swat than how the foreign tourist will come.

    God bless you all.



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