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Swedish search and rescue team train FOCUS Pakistan

Press Release

Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) held a one-week training and assessment programme in urban search and rescue, for its specialist 26-member team.

The specialist training is part of an ongoing endeavor to build capacity in the SART team and aims to provide team members with the opportunity to continue their learning curve in new thinking and strategies as well as tools and techniques for effective and efficient urban search and rescue.

The training programme included theoretical and practical skills in operational procedures, safety and security in the field, structural triage, structural marking, technical handling of USAR equipment, methodologies for USAR operations, and field exercise.

The programme was designed and implemented by a team of three specialists from Sweden headed by Per-Anders Berthlin of International Operations Disaster Management Training & Development (IntOps). The training, organized by FOCUS fell under its ‘Building Local Leadership and Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction’ project funded by European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department.

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  1. Well done! An excellent initiative and ideal example of collaborative effort in Disaster Risk Management (DRM). We need more collaboration with professional organizations for professional development of our human resources and achieving technical know how. It is definitely need of the hour.

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