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10 K2 climbers confirmed dead

by Farman Ali

ISLAMABAD, Aug 3: Ten of the 17 climbers on K2 missions are dead, a tour operator confirmed on Sunday.

The tragedy struck on Friday when a large chunk of ice swept away fixed ropes being used by the climbers who were descending from the summit of 28,600 feet, second highest in the world and believed to be the world’s toughest in the Karakoram range of Gilgit-Baltistan.

“Ten climbers are confirmed dead,” said Nazir Sabir, the only Pakistani to have conquered the Mount Everest.

Among the dead are three South Koreans, two Nepali sherpas, a Norwegian, a Serbian, a Dutch, and Merban Karim and Jahan Baig, two porters from Shimshal valley in upper Hunza.

Dutch climber Wilco Van Rooijen, who had previously scaled Everest without carrying oxygen with him, survived three nights and was rescued by a descending climber and a Nepali sherpa. He was brought to Camp 3.

Six are still missing, Sabir said.

They are trapped either above the traverse or at the bottleneck at an altitude of 26,000 feet, a private expedition facilitator, Sultan Khan, told Dawn.

He said they were in a precarious situation below the summit, considered to be `death zone’, after scaling the peak on August 1 at 1am.

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  1. This was a gr8 tragedy of international scale, where great adventurers and brave people from many countries lost their lives.
    We pray may their souls rest in eternal peace.

    Our deepest words of condolence to the families of the two young stars of Shimshal for their ultimate adventure and the bravery they have shown trying to resuce others and in the process sacrifcing their lives.

    We hope that the companies who organize these missions will take care of their families through insurance and other social security support.

    Amin Beg
    AKRSP Gilgit

  2. Dear readers of PT,
    It is indeed a moment of great sadness for all of us for having lost too many precious lives who had embarked on with the aim to summit the world’s second highest mountain K-2.
    The two brave men from Shimshal valley deserve great appreciations, who despite the hurdles went on such a lethal and tough game with great bravery and nimbleness. They would always be appreciated and would remain outranked for the incredible adventure they had mounted on. I regret to say that the two brave men are no more with us but their bravery and confidence would always be remembered and would remain the top words of the writers who would ever write about the real bravery and adventure.
    My heartiest sympathy is with all the mourning family and pray that their souls remain in eternal peace (Ameen).
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. It is really shocking news to know about the tragic accident that took place at K-2 in Skardu. The two young and brave mountaineers of Shimshal (Jahan Baig and Mehrban Karim) who lost their lives are the real heros. Both were very good human beings. Mountaineering is the most expensive and dangrous form of sport.It is not a game that is played by everyone.
    May almight Allah rest their soul in eternal peace and give courage to the their family members to bear this irricoverable loss.Aamin

  4. A very sad incident indeed. Mountaneering is one of the dangerous professions or hobby I believe. It needs a lot of courage and confidence. Our sympathies are with the bereaved families who lost these great assets.
    It was shocking to learn that the two youngsters were from Shimshal. I convey my heartelft sympathies and condolece to their families. Amin Bhai rightly pointed out, their families must be taken care of by the concerend companies.


  5. A very shocking news for all of us, that we lost two of our brothers from Shimshal. May almight Allah rest their soul in eternal peace and give courage to the their family members to bear this lives loss.Ameen, So many shocking news and tragic accidents in few days from Gojal. GOS bless of of us.

  6. Our sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of all who died on K2. They gave their lives doing what they loved. Their bravery and sacrifice is the ultimate symbol of the bonds that link all those who love the mountains.

  7. The site of the accidents, about 5 miles up the mountain, is what climbers call the “Dead Zone” because the body would never recover if stuck in such freezing conditions with so little oxygen,

    Statistics compiled by suggest this was the deadliest incident at K2. The site says 66 people — not counting those in the latest incident — have died on the mountain since 1939. (CNN)

  8. Its a moment of shok and sad for everyone, that we lost two of our brothers while attempting K2- summition, God knows how it happened but would cost us allot morally and socially. Its second time in this recent era that two of our shimshalis have lost their live during mountineering, and it’s really very hard for the families to bear and to adjust. May Moula bless their soul in eternal peace and give patience to their families…………. a great loss to shimshal once again…………………..


  9. Indeed very shocking and sad incident. No only Shimshal but the entire region lost two brave and heroic souls.

    My deepest condolence and heartfelt sympathies goes to their families, kiths and kins. May Allah rest their souls in eternal peace and grant their love ones courage to bear this great lose. Aamin!

  10. Its truly a bad and sad news. It is not only a loss to the family, but for Shimshal, the entire area, country and the climbers community.

    Mountain sports have always such threats. I know most of our young people are engaged in the mountain climbing activity mostly because of making their livelihoods.

    I feel sad to know about the disaster- many people lost their lives including two young climbers from Shimshal. But can families of these two young men from Shimsal get any sort of ecnomic compensation?

    I guess this is a serious issue and it should be debated and highlighted at various concern fourms, so that a kind of reasonable insurance/ conpensation mechanism is devised.

    My deepest condolence to the families and friends. God may rest their soul in permanent peace.


  11. The blackest days in the sport of mountaineering and great lose of Climber and mountain lovers we condolence and pray for there soul.

    Our suggestion for young’s mountaineers from Northern Area’s to get proper turnings before attempting such High peaks which will help a lot to reduce such great loses .

    Although it is a natural incidents not really technical fort of climbers as it is published in some western media.

    Meharban karim
    Explore Pakistan Tourism

  12. …really depressed moments for all of us that two heros of our shimshal vallay lost their life for a GREAT CAUSE…personally em so tensed coz jahan baig z ma family member..

    ..the only sport in which i have the ultimate trust z terkin,but unfortunately the govt. of pakistan z not payin ny interest n promotion of this sport..

    i request to youth of the of gojal,do encourage those who r interested n this need to afraid from the present situation..WE R BRAVE N CAN FACE NY TYPE OF HARDSHIPS N THE COMMIN FUTURE…God bless all f us…aminnn…………..

  13. If adventure is the name of an activity that involves “risky, dangerous and uncertain experiences”, then the whole life is full full of risks, dngers and harsh experiences. The questions in
    such cirstances, esp in the cntext of a humn, is to what extent a person is ready to face the bitter experiences that comprise risks and dangers? Many adventures are optional and many are compulsory. Amng the optional adventures, there are choices; and among the compulsory adventures, one cannot turn his/her face.

    This also holds true to the adventure tourims who challenge the nature in climging up to the highest peaks (such as the adventrue touriusts). Both catetories of people are involved in it: prefering this adventure on optional basis and opting for this adventure with little or without any preferences (such as the porters, cooks etc).

    Withoui going more in details, I
    would like to condle all the families of the persons/adventurerers who lost their lives during this expedition on the K2. Opting for such adventure means either life or death. This is a shocking news for all of us. I wouuld esp. condole the families of late Jahan Baig and Mehrban Karim and pray that may Almighty Allah bless the departed souls with eternal peace and give patience to the bereaved family members. Mehrban Karim, Jahan Baig and other porters were from the second cetegory of adventurism; and we hope that their families are taken care by the respective organizations by providing them adquate monetary support or oterwise.

    Fazal Amin Beg,
    New Dehli, India

  14. The lose of human life is really shcoking for all of us and in particular case of the two young climbers from Shimshall I am very sad. At this sad occusion I extend my condolence to the families of our brave marteryds. These youngsters gave their lives for saving others as we learnt…. really tribute and salute to the departed souls and their families

  15. Allah, bestow his blessings and give eternal peace to the deceased souls and patience to their entire family members and well-wishers to bear this irreparable loss.

    Indeed, it was not only normal deaths, but tragedy for their family members. On the other hand, it will be recorded as a historical moment for the mountaineers and adventure lovers.

    Thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  16. On this tragic ocassion, I give my cordial condolence to the families of all those who lost their lives in this adventure, especially to the families of Jahan Baig and Mehrban Karim of Shimshal. May Mawla bless their souls with eternal peace. Ameen.

    Muhammad Khalid,
    New Dehli

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