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Solidarity: Sunni youth and elders join Shia mourners in 7th Moharram procession in Gilgit

Members of the Masajid board attending the 7th Moharram procession in Gilgit

Members of the Masajid board attending the 7th Moharram procession in Gilgit

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, November 23: The seventh Moharram procession in Gilgit turned into a beautiful reminder of the region’s historical harmony which has been shattered during the past four decades.

A large number of Sunni youth and elders from Yadgar Mohalla, under the leadership of Masajid Board members including Raja Nisar Wali, joined the traditional 7th Moharram mourning procession organized by Shia organizations today, in a show of solidarity and unity.

The 7th Moharram procession started in the Nagaral area and after passing through Qizilbash Mohalla and Khomar culminated at Nagaral Imambargah.

Stressed and grieved people of the city who have been through worst violence during the year broke into tears after witnessing the symbolic display of unity, which is also a reminder of the peaceful and harmonious past, when the region was not fragmented on the grounds of sects.

The people of Gilgit-Baltistan have lived in harmony for centuries despite of being followers of different interpretations of Islam. However, the harmony has been hurt due to targeted killings and revenge killings since 1988, when a village in the vicinity of the city was attacked and burnt.

The local people have appreciated the move by the Masajid Board and hoped that such steps will be continued in the future also, to ensure sustainable peace and progress in the region.

29 thoughts on “Solidarity: Sunni youth and elders join Shia mourners in 7th Moharram procession in Gilgit

  1. Really we salute to all well wishers of Gb who are putting their efforts to normalize the situation and trying their best to show the world we are also GBIans like our ancestors as they were used to live with peace and tranquillity.

    We appreciates too much to youth and elders of Ahl sunnet bradery of Yadgar muhallah who showed their integration and joined the procession under the leadership of Raja Nisar wali and Masjid board. these are practical steps and examples to create peace , integration and harmony amongst communities. Any outsider would never mend our house. We expect with all community leaders and masajid board to set such examples of peace and integration. This credit goes to our religious leaders as well as govt. leadership. Through joints efforts of all stake holders only can make fail the conspiracy of GBians enemies.

    1. A positive sign or a face saving drama????we must suppport such positive voices even if they are half hearted.

  2. A magnificent revival of the past. Salute to the masjid board members and youth of Gilgit for showing the true brotherhood as it was a tradition from decades in the area. Please keep it up.

  3. There are no conflict between Shia and Suni, both are brother. Therefor our Suni brothers have been joining Muharram mourners since many years and making Sabeel for sorrowers.

  4. Very grt step, Salute to peace lovers … this is Gilgit Baltistan in true sense … we must appreciate diversity which is the strength of the area,
    اسلام کا فلسفہ یہ ہے کہ تمام انسان حضرت آدمؑ کی اولاد ہیں، کسی عربی کو عجمی پر اور کسی عجمی کو عربی پر، کسی گورے کو کالے پر اور کسی کالے کو گورے پر کوئی فوقیت حاصل نہیں۔سوائے تقویٰ اور نیک اعمال کے……

  5. Hats off to the Masjad Board , They are role model, Every Muslim should follow them. All should welcome .sensible reporting by Pamir Time. Although it is good sign but GB government need to tighten the security of Muhanram Julous.

  6. mashallah really people of GB set model for whole country and muslimummah, yae amal waqt kar har us zalim kae moh par tamacha hae jo musalmano mae nafrat or tarraqae ka beech boota hae.

    our success as a nation, development of our region and as muslim ummah is subjected to the intensified unity in our ranks.people og gb u have set the symbol of


  7. That is a positive sign towards a better future of gilgit baltistan.
    I am sure that the new spring in GB will bring lots of happinesses and joys to the local people by shunting the religious differences and being a united muslim brothers ..Inshallah

  8. All communities must show such philanthropic and wise attitude towards harmony in the region to avoid unrest and unlawful activities in such a GOD BLESSED region( GB). People may bring prosperity and sociocial/ economical development by unity.


  9. Moula Bless Gilgit Baltistan… and salute to all those, who tried to bring back the peace to the region.

  10. Hum sab ko bi isi tarah positive sooch rakhna chahiye taa ki aman aur sokoon barqarar rahey

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