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CE, six Advisors NAs support Asif Zardari for President slot

GILGIT, Sept 3: The Chief Executive Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan and six Advisors of Northern Areas, have supported the Co-chairman PPPP Asif Ali Zardari for upcoming President’s election scheduled to be held on September 6.

They said that Asif Zardari is symbol of federation. While addressing a press conference held here on Wednesday, at NALA Conference Hall, the Chief Executive and all six advisors of PML-Q party, said that country under his dynamic leadership would make progress and the problems of Northern Areas would be resolved on priority.

They hoped that after the election, the new leadership would ensure special package for Gilgit-Baltistan to facilitate the people of remote region.

Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan

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  1. Worshipers of the rising sun…..!They will support each and every one in power. Instead of extending their useless support to any party, person or group they must come together and give the people of N. Areas a political direction. They should set certain milestones, make strategies and lead the people to get their constitutional rights.

  2. so now Zardari has become the symbol of federation ha! These people will go to any lengths to remain in power
    Nadeem Gul

  3. A thought provoking Quote is here for reflection

    “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    Thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  4. Thanks for the quote Sharif bhai. Abraham Lincoln’s dictum contains alot of political wisdom for our politicians as well as our hibernating masses in Gilgit-Baltistan. I think our so called elected leaders have been fooling us ‘all the time’, and we remain so docile that we don’t utter a single word of protest.

    Well! As far as Pakistan is concerned it is a country full of hypocrites. These hypocrites come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Some wear moral cloths to hide their utter double-standards but history simply unveils them. Others stay behind facades who wait for opportunities and attack when the time is ripe. And now we have got people like Zardari who have openly admitted what he is really up to. Zardari proudly says that covenants, contracts, singed documents, mutual understandings are to be broken and floated. Well! What a great irony, that at least Zardari has got the courage to say what he really believes in: deceit, corruption, violation of contracts, lies, murders and excuses all of them are virtues and rules of the game in the land of what we call….Pakistan…

    No one else trusted Pakistan before and now things are set to become darker now. Corruption will be Pakistan’s official and democratically blessed religion, following Zardari’s election as President of Pakistan. And the ‘wise and enlightened’ leadership of NA’s has taken the step to be part of this ‘revolution’ in Pakistan. Ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seat belts for a good ride.

  5. Seeing the political situation in Pakistan we can expect anything from Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan. I am not surprised at all. This is what he has been doing for long time and we still vote for him. When I did my internship in Pakistan embassy I got to know allot about Pakistan’s political system. It was great opportunity but a sad experience. PPP always talk about democracy but you never see democracy in their own party leaders. what can we expect from a party when the head or chair person is 19 year old kid, what can we expect from a party when the head of the party leader is a corrupted and murderer…… I meet the PM of Pakistan during his visit to US, I was really disappointed by his performance and what ever happen during his visit. So I have no hope for Pakistan because I know that after 15 years belawal Bhutto will be our PM. Oh I forgot that we are not even Pakistani.

  6. All the coments sticks to the “so called” politicians. Actually they are hypocrates who play with emotions of the innocent people. A third class politician can do such things and they have done the same.

    BRAVO Abdul Wahid!!!!!! You have done well.

    Now the people of Hunza, who call themselves “the literate people” of all in norther areas.
    I have to ask “the literate people” that where your literacy rate has gone at the time of electing Mr. Ghazanfar for the NALA. It ia heared that an ex-student body called Northern Areas Graduate Association (NAGA) has compaigned for Ghazanfar. If it is true, than the members and the body is a slap of graduates…… Its also rumoued that they had vested and covert interests in electing Ghazanfar. SHAME ON YOU graduates!!!!!!
    Its never too late….. next elections are round the corner.
    Come on and oust the undesirables from the NALA.

  7. al – Hakim seems a little depressed!!! Come on dear its “Politics” in Urdu its “SIYASAT” if you put stree, it is Siyah Saat, means “Kalak”.
    What do you expect!! Politcs like Plato defined? Forget it! We are living in a “Machiavellian Princley State”.

  8. It need not to get surprised about Ghuzamfar’s support for Zardari. He( ghuzamfar) is a double standard person and tries to follow those who are in power. He is simply a big loottaa. Worshipping of the rising sun has always being his endeavour ……. Shame on him.. He even doesnt realise how his so called princely state was brutly abolished by Z.A Bhutto……… Shame on you Ghuzamfar

  9. I agree with tayyaba that if we to do some thing it is the comming electio.other wise quoting this sayings of that and making long debates is useless.
    Amjad(AAJ TV)

  10. Dear readers of PT,
    Thanks for reminding me about my past days when I was a student of political science and read a lot about “the Prince” by Nicolò Machiavelli Written c. 1505, published 1515 Translated by W. K. Marriott1908

    But, everything did by Machiavelli was not a role model and today our prospective president and his folks in the government should not practice or follow it.

    We have a role model our great Prophet PBUH and the example of his welfare state of Medina. Our rulers need to remind those days and act accordingly instead of horror situation in the country.

    thanks and regards
    sharif khan

  11. Giving preferences to self-interest over the interests of the mass
    Obviously it’s disgusting for those who believe in fair politics, and politics with clear stands and on principles. Mr.10 percent is not even eligible for that prestigious position. In the parliamentary form of government the president should be non political personality. And less controversial. I was supporter of Mir for the reason that he has the national acceptance, and good relations with the federal. I thought he could use this strength for the betterment of the politically deprived people of unnamed land (situated in Northern Areas of Pakistan). But I realized he has only relations, but he hasn’t the qualities of leadership, we need a forward looking and visionary leaders.

  12. “As u sow so shall u reap” For last many decades we are not tiring to elect the worshipers of rising sun. even we know these puppets cannot move without a direction of their federal land lords. how we can expect them positive leadership role for our society. They r doing all this for their surival and interst.
    If we want dignity in society, individully we have to change our old mindset of “JEE NAZER” and ” JONEY SOHIB”. Althoug we claim litrate and enlightend society we have, on the other hand we have still no courage to change behaviour of stone age.we are contineously repeating same mistakes due to our selfish interest. it is our experience during elections compaigns most of well known educated people assist these so called leaders. WE HAVE TO ASSESS OURSELVES.

  13. Respected all.

    That all true as explained above about the C E of Northern Areas and about PPP. The bad luck of our country has just started.
    I think Mir sahab had not really did anything for hunza as we were expecting he will do. As about MR. 10% we should forget all those dreams we have for our beautiful valley “HUNZA ” its over now. Zardari is a deal maker not a leader of a country. As on the other hand which Our brave President General Pervaiz Musharaf did was, he established the KIU in Gilgit and we are so lucky to have an international univercity in our area.

    “W3ll that my opinion”
    Aaliya Khan

  14. Gazanfar along with the cabinet supported PPP candidate. PML Q has 24 seats in Northern Areas and all 24 members supported the resoluation in favor of Asif Ali Zardarias. only two members from PML N opposed it. it is shameful for us, our members can not stay in one party. Although PML Q also has candidte for the post of presidentship and they should bring resoluation for his support. it is not our culture to sit in opposition, thats why we are far from our Rights. same in Balochistan province, no one is ready to sit in in opposition benches. both Balochistan and Northern Areas can not get their rights because always our leaders want to sit in government side and getting huge salaries.

  15. Well said everybody, it’s a bitter fact that our leaders has always played with our emotions and expectations, it’s a matter of time that the youth of the area must come together and think about the future leadership. We must aware peoples through such platforms. Whether it’s Mir. Or it was Nazir or Wazir. Nobody was exceptional. Lets think and act on it that how to bring the change. It all depends upon unity and common interest, which we are lacking.

    Congrats for having Mr. 10% the new president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan


    Malang Jon
    Darbar sayien baba

  16. The migrating birds have just planned to migrate as the weather conditions might endanger their survival.
    Pretty surprizingly the so called leaders of the region who were chanting slogans againsts the governing party have just started saying that we strongly favour your mendates and would support your aims and objectives.
    What you all readers extract out of all this?
    I simply say that they are not sincere truely to themselves and howcomes they can be honest to the people of the region.
    It is all a dramatic situation and one must look forward the way the migrating birds try to settle themselves.
    Man! don’t pass on any wrong comment,they are our very honourable leaders. They never believe in consistency and never bother about what problems their misguided supporters are having.They just know how to falsify the truth…………..!

    Aslam Ghalib
    Islamabad, Pakistan

  17. oh god help my neighter country from dirty politician and wanna see the pakistan …. became a zero % crime rate ……..
    its patel…. from india …. now a days in canada

  18. […..JEASA AWAM WASA ;;LEADER;;….]

    why are we blammg our supreme political leaders..i question why?…they have not elected unfairly..they have been elected through a platform of pure democracy…VOTE z the only MEAN to the wretched youth to elect a president or pm by their owm choise…nv we have chosen zardarii..we ourself have choisen..nv v should b happy………..

    again do chose 4 a right leader…em remindin u…v miss musharaf…………….

  19. I think all of us here have missed one point – the responsibility of common people like us who vote for these leaders. It is always good to criticize such moves of political leaders but how about those who elect them? Remember, we get the kind of leaders what we deserve so let’s don’t hide ourselves behind words like ‘innocent people’ etc. As long as the majority of people think on the lines that a person is ‘well-connected’, let’s vote for him so that this leader in return could help him or his child get a nominal government job on ‘sifarish’, we are going to churn out these kind of leaders in coming years as well.

    It is our collective responsibility to contribute towards inculcating value-based democracy in our area.

  20. Mr 10% is president now, congratulation to all. the sad story came from Northern Area, where all 24 PMLQ members joined PPP. only two members are in opposition, who belongs to PML N. i congratulate these two members, who stood firmely against Mr 10 %.because in balochistan only one member is in opposition. if we compare our leaders with balochistan, we have won the race.

  21. I fully agree with Jamil H Din, our leaders haven’t any mistake it is the voter(people) who select leaders of their own choice. So we can’t blame any leader, because heshe is selected by our own vote I think we deserve such leadership.(Lota)
    Now in the context of Northern areas we don’t need to worry for the leaders coming in center. Nobody has any interest with our NAs, as for NALA members they will defiantly change their party because they have to remain in power for next one year to collect their commissions from the contractors(TIKEDAR), cuz ADB is approved a months before. They haven’t any other interest for the development of people.
    Today we are blaming these LOTAs but I am sure tomorrow again most of us will be in thier Palaces and expressing pleasures, giving support and kissing handed etc. most of them will be educated youth.
    Lets think for betterment, open your eyes and decide appropriately.

    Javed Aly

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