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{Blogosphere}”Urumqi Locked Down, Expat Exodus to Gilgit”

The atmosphere in Urumqi from business owners we are in contact with there has been described as “suffocating” with many now choosing to write off investments as an adventure and leave this troubled region.

The journey from Urumqi to Gilgit takes about four days by bus, crossing the border with Pakistan at Taxkorgan. A 120 kilometer bus journey through the demilitarized zone sees travelers arrive at Hunza. The journey to Gilgit takes another 12 hours.

We understand this route out of Xinjiang is being taken by increasing numbers of the expatriate community in Xinjiang. Commercial flight services from Urumqi and Kashgar have largely been suspended and the regular train service from Urumqi to Kashgar and onwards to Almaty in Kazakhstan has also been curtailed. Complete

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  1. Such incidents in the immediate surrounding of NAs in general and Hunza in particular are stalk reminders to the people of NAs in general and Hunzokutz in particular to e wary and immediately formulate a policy to confront Great Game with the ojective to secure maximum advantage for the local residents.

  2. The peole of Hunza are peaceful,humble,prudent and educated.They know the everlasting friendship of their beloved country with China.They will defend the friendship as being the Pak-China friendship bridge.

    We are proud of being the neibhours of our Chinese friends.As well as the defenders of the ideological and geographical boundries of God gifted beloved Pakistan.

    We are the dream of Bhutto and the Army of Quide -Azam,Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

    Gieye Quide,Gieye Bhuttu ,Giey Hunza,Gieye Pak-China Friendship.

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