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New cabinet of Sost Dry Port wins, yet again

Hunza, May 19: The session court, Gilgit has regarded the election of Sost dry Port Trust as legal and abolished the decision of Civil Court Hunza.  The court in his decision has accepted that the trustees has the right to conduct election with majority voices. 

Copies of the document containing the detailed decision will be made available tommorow to both parties.

After receiving the detailed decision, Secretary Planning, who is also the Chairman Joint Stock Company, will officially verify and, then, notify the results of the trust election that brought this new cabinet in power.

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  1. This is not the triumph of the New Cabinet of Sost Dry Port over Khan Sahab and his cabinet, but rather justice v/s injustice or truth v/s untruth, and oppressed v/s oppressors.

    Bravo the judge of the Session court. If such judgement are made on the basis on truth v/s untruth, why some of the powerful members of the society will dare to abuse their power?

    Congratulations the oppressed braves of the SRDPT.

  2. The decesion given by the session court is wellcoming, this victory is in result of the unity among the landowners and shareholders, I also congratulate Mr Ali Asfar and his team, It is realy good effort for the rights.
    Inshallah the managment will work for the benefit of every people of the area.


  3. I think this is brilliant. I hope the the people of hunza to gojal picks up on this… to me, this is about transparency, which inevitably leads to accountability… and that’s more important than peoples affiliation.

    Congratulations the New cabinet of Sost Dry Port .keep it up.

  4. ghafch baff yark withk zhoo dua woz zhoo khushig di safan kithi insha allah khudoi ki zooq kartha election jeet charm

  5. Finally, the truth has been triumphant and the rogue has to go. We the hunzukutz are excited on the landmark decision made by the civil court in gilgit. This is for the first time a so-called influential crimnal has been punished keeping the social justice on top. We welcome the decision of court and are optimistic that the newly elected cabinet will keep the social justice and work for the betterment of the region. And I applaud the struggle made by the real landowners and trustees in struggling for their right. Inshallah the social just will remain on top in the coming years ahead.

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  6. congratulations to all the members of sost dryport for their victory and the justice given by the court .
    i would thanks all the leaders of our jamat who took keen interest in solving the issue and provided us our rights and justice.
    we hope that new cabnet will work in better way by providing facilities to all not like Mr ghazanfar that for a single person and his creeper.

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  8. every illegal work has a very testfull begning but the ending is very bitter. now the concern peoples who have done such brutality they will realize the end result

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