Safety of laborers working on KKH expansion project

Laborers working at the KKH near Murtazabad – Hunza, as part of the mega expansion project jointly being carried out by the Chinese and Pakistani government. Safety of these laborers is a serious issue being ignored by the contractors and governments.

One can generally see the Chinese workers employed for the same project wearing helmets and other safety gears but the local laborers are prone to all kinds of major and minor hazards. [Photo by Noor]

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  1. This picture portrays two fundamental weaknesses of our society;
    1. Lack of awareness from the bottom level.
    2. Ignorance from the top.

    Recipient doesn’t know how and what to
    receive or get but the provider is knowingly reluctant (to get benefit out of the situation).

    All this happens when a society is at the brink
    of social injustice.
    The miseries accumulate themselves to form
    a social lake of (human blood) and when it bursts, it sweeps everything that comes into its way. This effect is called ‘revolution’ in sociology.

  2. Why is AKPBS not educating poor people and contractors about construction safety?.

    I agree with brother Yar Khan .

  3. on reading above comments one actually wonders what people have learnt, as we down south kept on hearing and reading that poverty has been alleviated through the AKRSP and community strengthened. this resultelld in the birth of NRSP.
    Now one finds, that the poorer are poorer and less literate then before. Where is the failure???

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