“President phones Prince Karim, Aga Khan pledges full support for flood-victims “

ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday called Prince Karim Agha Khan and apprised him of the colossal losses caused by unprecedented floods in Pakistan.The President told Prince Karim Agha Khan that the torrential rains and gushing floods have killed over 1400 people, injured thousands and made 20 million people homeless besides damaging infrastructure, roads, bridges, standing crops and properties worth billions of dollars.

Prince Karim Agha Khan expressed condolences on massive loss of lives and colossal damages to properties and infrastructure caused by the floods.

He pledged full support for the flood-hit people of Pakistan and assured mobilization of his community to supplement government of Pakistan in rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts.

Source: APP

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  1. Aga Khan is misspelled on this news item. Please be informed that the correct spelling is “Aga Khan” and not “Agha Khan”

  2. Very generous of Prince. Any news on how much president himself has pledged for the flood victims?

  3. The editor,
    kindly correct the spelling of ( AGA KHAN )….thats not Agha. Its second time you making this mistake.
    Navaid Veercan

    1. Don’t fret over the spelling, Agha is correct from the perspective of Persian background. Agha Khan or Aga Khan, there is no difference.

      Yeah, Americans are ahead with their donation. Where is the Muslim world combined (OIC , anyone?). What about the list of rich politicians within Pakistan, starting with Zardar and Sharif? How much have they contributed?

      1. president Of Pakistan Mr Zardari can do nothing as in an interview of him. He expect the all world to fill his Presidency Account to take 10% from that also…!

  4. You cannot expect from a corrupt person to contribute to help the flood affected persons of Pakistan. He (Zardari) is always waiting to have such chance to get some money for himself. I think it would be his great contribution if he properly gives the foreign adds to the affected areas.

  5. The Editor,
    You are correct in saying that Agha and Aga doesnt make any difference whatsoever, but kindly spell Aga because thats how it is spelled officially as far as his documents and initials are concerned. The spelling of course doesnt make a difference at all yet that is how he has his name spelled on every official document that is signed. Thank You.

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