[PT Election Cell] “Afraid and opportunist elements propagating against AHAC”, Noor Mohammad

Press Release

Hunza, November 4: People afraid of the popularity of Hunza Action Committee are propagating against AHAC. These views were expressed by Noor Mohammad, an indepedent candidate supported by the All Hunza Action Committee, during inaugration of an election campaign office at Hyderabad, Hunza.

Speaking at the occasions leaders of AHAC, including Sheikh Abid Ali, heavily criticized PPP for letting the people of Hunza down. “Mehdi Shah promised to gift us the additioanl seat”, said Sheikh Abid, “but was not even able to return to Hunza after that. I promise you an additional seat for Hunza valley within three months of the election”, he added.

Other leaders of the committee also addressed the inaugration ceremony and praised the leadership qualities of Noor Mohammad, asking people to voter for him on 12th November. 

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  1. Forget it noor sahib, you don’t deserve our votes. We don’t want to have another elections within few months. You’ve promised to AHAC, in fact you have already given them your resignation to the committee.

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