[Interview] Dr. Alvi’s Bovine Model for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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In traditional surgical trainings the trainee was supposed to learn the skills while working with a master surgeon. This process often led to prolonged operation time, increased cost and potential of complications during the learning experience. With passage of time the teaching methodologies are changing and evidence supports effectiveness of  the concept of learning in a simulated environment.
Dr. Rehman Alvi has invented a Bovine Model for conducting Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. In this video he is explain the Bovine Model using the social media.
“Laparoscopic Surgery (key hole) challenged the traditional surgical approach by the principle of minimal access, without cutting the skin and muscles”, Dr. Rehman Alvi wrote in an exclusive email interview with Pamir Times.
“The results show decreased pain, reduced wound complications, lesser hospital stay and early return to work”, he said while explaining benefits of the Key-Hole surgery method.
“I learned laparoscopic surgery during my residency training at Aga Khan Hospital ,Karachi and further got training from Ghanga Ram hospital, Delhi, European Institute of Tele Surgery, France and Manor Walsall Hospital, England”, Dr. Alvi wrote.
Dr. Rehman Alvi also wrote that the Skill Labs in developed countries provide the learners with opportunities to learn basic and advance surgery skills with the help of simulated computers and inside animal labs. “In underdeveloped countries like Pakistan these facilities are not available”, he wrote.
Dr. Rehman Alvi further wrote, “It interested me to develop some cost effective model to train the new generation of laparoscopic surgeons. I studied different animal models like chicken, goat, lamb and found cow liver close to human anatomy. This bovine model is used to train the laparoscopic surgeons to learn the basic skills and anatomy before operating on human being to decrease the chances of complication and to achieve optimal results”.
A surgery in progress at DHQ Hospital, Gilgit

Dr. Rehman Alvi, himself a native of Passu Village (Gojal), has also helped doctors from Gilgit – Baltistan to learn the technique and use it for betterment of the region. “In 2009 two young general surgeons from Gilgit were trained in laparoscopic surgery at Aga khan University Hospital and we helped them to initiate laparoscopic surgery at DHQ Hospital Gilgit and Aga Khan Medical Centre.

The surgeons are now confident and doing basic laparoscopic surgery in the remote region of Pakistan and providing the local communities the benefits of minimal access surgery (Key Hole)”, he wrote.

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  1. We are really proud of people like Dr. Rehman Alvi for the services to the community.

    The skills, expertise, fame and success are no doubt due to his hard work and knowledge but also the prayers of all those who were cured and cared by his skillful hands.

    Good Luck, Dr. Sahib. Sky is the limit.

    Sher Karim

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