The volunteers keep Hunza united

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Islamabad, June 15: Thousands of volunteers, including men, women and children, rendered highly valuable services for the affected people of Shishkat, Ayeenabad and Gulmit, as the lake water kept wrecking havoc in the picturesque Gojal Valley.

These volunteers help the affected people in dismantling houses and shifting of movable property to safer locations, besides being a source of emotional and psychological support.

At another front the communities of central and lower Hunza have also been rendering highly valuable services for the displace and stranded people of Attaabad, Sarat, Salmanabad and Gojal Valley.

Shehzad Sher Shaheed, a member of the Ismaili Boy Scouts Group, lost his life while helping commuters at barrier of the lake formed on Hunza River.  The people are demanding of the government to nominate Shehzad Sher for a presidential award.

Hundreds of thousands of man-hours spent by the volunteers during the past six months has also been a source of relief for the resource constrained district administration. The volunteers arrange for their own food, in a great show of material and physical sacrifice.

“This is in line with our culture and traditions”, said Nazir Ahmed Bulbul a leading poet and social activist of Gojal Valley while talking to Pamir Times. “The practice has a great symbolic meaning for unity of our society, besides being a source of relief for the distressed people”, he further said.

Public circles have demanded of the government to give Tamgha-e-Aesar to the Hunza Valley for expressing unmatched discipline, unity and compassion despite of being direct and indirect victims of the lake disaster.

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  1. We salute our valiant volunteers for thier incredible services.Indeed what else can be more valuable than this noble work.the way you muster courage to beat the scourage nd trouble is worth appreciating.
    HHts off……… u people rOCK

  2. We are proud of our volunteers who are helping each other during this crucial moment. This shows the strength of ‘the people of Hunza’. It means whenever there is any crisis they can stand with each other for help. I salute all volunteers who are helping and supporting the voiceless people in this way and especially the role of PAMIRTIMES.NET is outstanding in spreading information and encouraging volunteers. I salute Naveed for his marvelous service, who sacrifices his life for the people.

  3. we express our gratitude to the dedicate volunteers, the are the real heros.
    Look at FOCUS, they have over 35,000 trained volunteers who have been trained in search and rescue.
    Hunza has produced dedicated volunteers who have served the people and the country

  4. The tendering of services by volunteers in hunza is not a new phanomina. In past decads the work of every man and woman contributes in peforming day to day working every field of life. Suddenly money attraction come into culture of Hunzukutz, the volunteer’s work was not remain commendable. However, again it is noticed that similar spirit is being generated amoung the people of Hunza. I salute for each and every volunteer for contribting services amoung the community. Keep the spirit alive for good cause.

    1. Well dear Money attraction has also made spot in hearts of everyone in GB, dont just pin point Hunza only.

  5. Good to see Shezad Sher’s reflection on — contribution of volunteers. voluntery service is one of the kay community strength’s in those parts of the world. I would suggest if Shazad can undertake a case study on the issue! would be great. Shazad can mobilize other students and work togther during the summer break on this vital element of the mountain people. I guess they can get techncial support from AKRSP! Amin Baig or Muzaffar could be contacted!!!

  6. I am sorry ! for misunderstanding in my previous post. Shazad Shaheed.. lost his life while performing his duties as a volunteer.. a true live example of volunterism. Our prayers to rest his soul in eternel peace. Case studies could be carried out by other students…. on this important theme.

  7. What an impressive and moving example of voluntarism. Its this passion of sharing and caring for one another that makes a community stand out. Hunza has offered consistent examples of such community work and voluntary service during th current crises .
    The phase of distress will end one day but such glowing stories of selfless help will remain with us for ever. Shahzad will be remembered as a role model for the youth who laid down his life while helping others.

  8. Incredibly commendable contributions of our selfless heroes makes us feel proud of our rich tradition. they must be appreciated at all forums..may Allah Bless them with good health and the best of luck in their lives! Ameen

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