Wheat Shortage in Gilgit – Baltistan

Sost – Police have arrested a number of people while they were illegally trafficking wheat from a government depot in Sost, out of Gojal valley. According to our correspondent Police in Gulmit recovered wheat from a Gilgit – bound vehicle, in the wake of  a governmental ban on inter-district transportation of wheat and flour.

Demand for wheat has increased throughout the country after a drastic reduction in supplies. Baad-e-Shimal, a weekly newspaper, has reported that in some parts of the northern areas wheat is currently being sold for more than rupees thirty, per Kg.

Government officials have denied the possibility of flour shortage in Gilgit -Baltistan but already people are apprehensive. Flour mills in the region have been accused of wheat hoarding in the past.

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  1. But the Daily K2 says we have so much wheat that we donnot need at all.And showing like our wheat will be rotten if not used with an open hand

  2. The people who read agency-sponsored and PID-financed newspapers like K2 or its sister publications are naive and insanity .

  3. Dear Noor, you are working very nice, but don’t trust KPN news, you know Raja Hasan khan maqpoon have no any idea to educate the deprived people of Gilgit Baltistan.
    In gilgit baltistan no any brave newspaper, which highlight the problem and reall status of our area, but one news paper Bang-e-sahar is going best all these of can trust bang-e-sahar.
    any how your doing best, keep it up.
    best whishes Imran Ali Karachi

  4. A silent tsunami
    There is a food crisis all over the world. The World Food program is arranging seminars on this issue and it has requested the developed countries to help the countries which are running short of food materials. the world food program has a list of the expected countries where there can be a severe condition of food crisis and pakistan is among these countries.
    we should make measurements about this and do some thing to decrease the affect of this crisis. i would personaly suggest that we should prefer wheat cultivation than potato this year, this is what we have done in village on our fields(KHET). at least it can help us for some months.The rate of potato can rise or fall and now it is difficult to buy an AATA KA THELA paying the money which we get from an AALU KI BHORI after investing alot.

    AAJ TV

  5. wheat crisis increases in pakistan day by day the government of pakistan need to improve the agricutlure sector and produce wheat domestical because in pakistan alot of natural resources which GOD give us for exampal hunza river gilgit river baltastan river the natural resources are not use the government of pakistan WHY? If the government of pakistan uses this rivers for electricty if the government of pakistan use these river for electricty than the pakistan not needed to purchase energy other countries if we haver good energy than we will do everything.

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