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Blossom reaches the lower valleys in Gojal



By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Sunday April 19, 2009

26 thoughts on “Blossom reaches the lower valleys in Gojal

  1. Wonderful Zulfi! I appreciate your efforts for getting the beautiful photographs of the season.

    With Best Regards
    Didar Karim (Baig)
    Garden East Karachi

  2. plz don’t upload such fantabulous makes me feel like i am in hell here…..


  3. Fantastic view and a marvelous contribution by Zulfiqar Bhai.

    I love my beautiful area and am blessed with something which is value added and makes me proud.


    Aslam Ghalib

  4. Really very nice pictures, I think it is always good to do such things for our area. These are no just good pictures to see, but it gives you an idea that how buitifull our aera is. Please keep it up.
    Saeed form Karimabad.

  5. Dear All
    Enjoy the beauty of Allah creation on the earth
    I miss you Khush Bohor

    Khosh bohor khosh yoar thar khanem
    Gull Bohor Gull Noar thar khanem

    Jone your Jone Nisor thar khanem
    Khush Hoghoze sithor thar khanem

    God bless you Gulmit

    Ali Aman Gojali

  6. Thanks for sharing exquisite pictures from Zulfiqar. the beauty of nature is not our contribution. it is just a chance that our forefathers settled here unable to find a place in other regions of the world.

  7. dear pamir times team>

    you are a doing such a great job>
    we apreciate your works.
    i would just like to give u an awarness that sme people
    might miss use the photos on the website in wrong terms.

    please dnt load any photo of our girls on this site. i have personaly seen many people doing these kind of acts:
    just to remind u teams

    thank you

  8. putun dunyon suma nasti zang diyor
    ye zu xushruy gojal tuwet bimisol

    god bless you gojal

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