KADO and LSOs working jointly to ensure more public participation in development initiatives

Hunza: A community session in progress

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Hunza:  A workshop and conference was held in Khyber Gojal Hunza by the HiMaT Indigenous Leadership and Development Program, a project of KADO (Karakoram Area Development Organization), from July 13 to 19, in coordination with GRSO (Gojal Area Rural Support Organization), CLSO (Chipurson Local Support Organization) and MASO (Mountain Area Support Organization).

People from different segments of the society including men, women, youth, political and religious figures and social associates of Gojal valley participated in the sessions.

The basic objective of the workshop and women conference was to strengthen leadership qualities and institutions and ignite the spirit of community development through participation.

Michael Bopp and Judie Bopp researchers and development specialists from Canada facilitated these sessions in connection with the quarterly Learning and Action Forum, an activity of the HiMaT project.

A daylong session was also arranged in Aliabad Hunza for the LSOs (Local Support Organizations) and community institutions leaders of central and lower Hunza to discuss the Fruits and Roots of the development tree.

The community and community leaders termed such session’s fruit full for the community development and strengthening the community institutions especially the VOs/ WOs (Village Organizations/Women Organizations) and appreciated role of KADO in conducting the sessions through its international partners.

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  1. Terrific initiative indeed. KADO is doing wonderful job by involving the local communities in development process. I believe this is actually really Empowerment and Development.


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