MQM Hunza not happy with government work at Attabad lake

Press Release

Ganish – Hunza: MQM activists belonging to Ganish – Hunza have expressed dissatisfaction over the work being carried out at Attabad. During a session the activists said that the pace of work is slow and the government is making false claims about the volume of land excavated. In charge of MQM Hunza – Nagar, Abdul Karim, at the occasion said that he will invite deputy parliamentary leader of MQM, Haider Abbas Rizvi, to visit the affected area as part of a fact finding mission. He also said that the issue of false claims will be raised at party level and in the national assembly.

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One Comment

  1. Excavation work at Hunza
    1) how much time takes to open the road in Attabad, Hunza ?
    2) The Govt. will cut off the lake or will use some another route for road ?
    3) actually my some Goods stuck in SUST and i am mentally very upset from last 4 months.

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