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Target killing of Chitralis in Bajaur

PT Report

Masked men in Bajaur agency killed four Chitralis, after confirming their identities from the National Identity Cards, according to news reports published in various newspapers.

According to details two brothers from Karimabad valley, Anwar Hussain and Syed Ahamd, were among the four men, aged 20-30, killed. The other two were identified as Jamshed Ahmed and Abdul Jalil, residents of Shogram and Kosht villages, Tehsil Mastuj.

A blog has reported that the men were “slaughtered by the Taliban”. However, DAWN and The Nation have reported that they were shot dead at point blank.  

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  1. The news at your blog has refered to an another blog whose link takes us to flicker pictures. Can you correct the link to enable us see the blog’s report about the chitralies. thanks

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