BNF-Hamid group chief surrendered in February 2019

ISLAMABAD: Abdul Hamid Khan, leader of his own faction of Balawaristan National Front (Hamid), had surrendered on 8th February 2019, it was revealed on Monday.

Media reports indicate that Hamid had returned to Pakistan from Brussels and handed himself over to the country’s premier intelligence agency in February, 2019. He is currently in custody. Sher Nadir Shahi, leader of BNSO, has also reportedly surrendered.

Abdul Hamid Khan is accused of being on the payroll of India’s RAW intelligence agency.

According to media reports, RAW took Abdul Hameed Khan to India in 1999 and was given Indian nationalities and a three-star apartment in Dehli, where his family and three sons were shifted. He was handled by RAW agents Colonel Arjun and Joshi and sent to Brussels in 2007 for anti-Pakistan propaganda, reports revealed.

He has allegedly received up to 1 billion rupees from RAW for his party’s activities in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Two years back law enforcement agencies had raided villages in Yasin Valley of Ghizer and arrested over a dozen activists and supporters of BNF, accusing them of attempting to sabotage CPEC projects in the region.

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