The IBEX of Khunjerab National Park

Marcopolo Sheep at Kunjerab National Park

Photo taken from FLICKR.COM

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  1. animals in the picture are Ibexes not Marcopolo Sheeps. I have got a few very recent pictures from Pamir of Afghanistan. I will try to share it with you guys today.

    stay tuned.


  2. my pleasure…… by the way did you receive the Marcopolo Sheep,s pics that I sent you today. I hope our readers/nature lovers will really like them.


  3. Dear Sir,
    Your selection of Ibex for news page pleased me.I am always woried about this specie,because it is also the most endangered.
    I have tried to compare it with the Alpen Ibex which was extict from the Alpen Mountains of Germany,Austria and Switzerland for a century due to the over hunting.Then the King of Italy gifted some Ibexes to a Swiss King in the region of Grenzen and Masoulini of Italy gifted some ibexes to Adolf Hitler and know they are revived.It is therefore necessary to projrct this animal.
    Readers can have aquick look at Alpen Ibex in comparison with our Ibex at
    S.Mujahid A.Shah

  4. Hello Mahboob,

    Stunning picture! Would you please clarify where exactly you have sighted this Ibex herd?

    I have conducted Ibex surveys in the Khunjerab area.

    Shah Raees Khan
    University of Manitoba

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