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ZONG launches services in parts of Gilgit – Baltistan

Press Release

ZONG, the first international brand of China Mobile the world’s largest mobile phone services provider, continued its rapid network expansion in the country by launching its services in the Northern Areas Pakistan, covering the cities of Gilgit, Hunza, Sost, Skardu, and Besham. The expansion is part of the company’s well chalked out plans to have the largest network coverage in the country. Chief Executive of NALA, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, was chief guest at the launching ceremony held at Serena hotel, in Gilgit city.

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  1. It is a good sign that many mobile companies are being launched in the region but I am little worried about the poor mountain men who don’t have enough to spend on the mobile phone but cn not live without it as has become an obligation.The thing that really makes me sad at times is the scarce of money and money flow in the region.This might really be difficult for the people to copeup the requirements of the time if such situation of welcoming many new things is carried out open heartedly.I am not against any technology but I am worried about whether we are able enough to use these technologies.It has been experienced that the misuse of technology has endangered many and the same I feel at times.
    I hope the intellectuals will notice this area and will devise some means and ways for the balanced and proper use of the emerging technologies.
    Aslam Ghalib

  2. Dear Aslam Khan Ghalib,
    I really appreciate your contribution through Pamir Times from time to time on various topics by showing sound academic background as depicted from your nice writing and articulation.

    You are very right to raise the point of effective utilization of modern technologies. In the high mountain areas we feel the new information communication technologies are blessings for all of us, but on the other hands it has consequences in terms of using them for luxuries instead of need. In the present high inflation and price hike all of us should prioritize our needs. For instance, we cannot compromise on account of health, education and daily life consuming commodities like food, cloths and hygiene but we can curtail the unnecessary calls and chatting except need based and important matters.

    I am very optimistic from our young generation to use their intellect and wisdom to educate the masses for the effective usage of the modern technologies and convert risks into opportunities.

    We have high expectations from the high officials of ZONG mobile company of our neighboring country China should provide effective service to Gilgit-Baltistan on an equitable price by keeping in view the remoteness and hardship in the area as a special case.

    Thanks PT and dear Aslam for giving us opportunity to share feelings and emotions.

    Thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  3. its good news that many mobile compnies are launching thier services in northern areas i am not sure about the use how the people will sue that for thier facility and the recent Economic Condition does not match these facilities and we can not afford them easlly secondly the MISS USE of mobile will efect out new genration as we have experienced in urban areas being an educated person i am not in against of these services but a time will come when we will face these problems in our Home town,s thier was a unique culture of northern areas we were out these problems but now day by day new situation must be come ahed which we have to face and it,s fect we must admit that i am sure people will use these services for thier facility and take the advantage of the communication syatem,s which are recentlly in progress….

    Didar Karim Bari

  4. Technology is not bad; it is a user who miss use it. We welcome Zong in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. But we can organize workshops especially for youngsters to educate them about advantages and disadvantages of emerging trends of adopting and using of new techs.

  5. the following comments of Mr Ahmad Jami Sakhi were received via email.
    The launching ceremony of Zong Mobile system in the Northern Areas of Pakistan is good news for the masses in the NAs. The people of the area believe and hope that Zong will take precedence over other companies already operating in the area, because of KKH and the great Peoples Republic of China being our immediate neighborer, this system will further strengthen the existing fraternal relations to its peak. Secondly, the security system along the KKH from Khunjerav top to towns in China in the North-East and down to Gilgit-Bahsham-Islamabad will be improved. As President of the “Karakurum CRI Listeners Club, Gilgit Pakistan” I would like felicitate my warmest congratulations to the Directors & Executives of Zong Co. and to the public of both friendly nations.

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  8. I am looking for an old friend from Gilgit, Aslam, a paratrooper who worked as a security guard in the Embassy of Pakistan in Stockholm, Sweden in the 80-s. I worked there as a translator at the time, and I would really like to get in touch with him again. If you have a clue for me, please contact

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