Musharraf’s APML launched in Gilgit – Baltistan

Karim Khan, leader of the All Pakistan Muslim Leagues, briefing media in Gilgit about his party's plan to start membership activities in Gilgit - Baltistan. Image: Zafar Abbas

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  1. asalam u alykum
    Dear all of the APML members we are proud to be our party and it is very important to all of the northern areas to join this party and prove it as a good leader. i hope our society will join us very soon as possible, we are welcome all of you.
    best reguards.

    1. I appreciate and well come the APML under leadership of Rtd. General Pervez Musharaf.

  2. Welcome our Great former President.

    The People of GB will extend all kind of support to you and ur team.


  3. sir wel com u r thye great and real leader of pakista all gilgit baltistan people espatially educated people are all with u ur polices ur action is un bliveable no one can leed u u r grat sir

  4. Nice to hear this news, The real Leader will come back soon Insha Allah, i would like to congratulate APML members for launching the party in GB, Best of luck.

  5. The person who ruined the entire key institutions of the state in the name of so called “wider national interest” should not be supported by politically conscious people of Gilgit-Baltistan. He and his other predecessors (dictators) in their vested interest have damaged the interest of Pakistan. However, that doest not mean that the present civilian regime is doing well, but still ‘worst democracy is much better then the best dictatorship.’ Unfortunately the prolong martial laws have very systematically, depoliticized our thinking by projecting those illegitimate regimes as the only saviors Messiahs of the country.
    In my view there is no chance for Musharaf and his APML in the future democratic arena of Pakistan. But if he thinks that he is a charismatic Pakistani leader with mass support then must come to Pakistan and test his popularity.

    1. if zardari can become paki’s president..anyone has a chance in pakistan….what are you talking about mate?? this is pakistan..everything happens unexpectedly…in addition..your saying that musharraf ruined the state institutions AS IF they are working perfectly before…i suggest a course for you at LUMS..Introduction to political science 101.

    2. (CORRECT VERSION) if zardari can become paki’s president..anyone has a chance in pakistan….what are you talking about mate?? this is pakistan..everything happens unexpectedly…in are saying that musharraf ruined the state institutions AS IF they were working perfectly before…i suggest a course for you ..Introduction to political science 101.

      1. State institutions have not been only ruined by Musharaf, they have also been ruined by his predecessor military rulars. Furthermore, the military establishment has always hindred in flourshing democracy, which needs a consistent practice to be refined. So it is basically the continuation of a sysetem.
        Thanks for suggesting a baisc political science course for me, though I teach the same for last eleven years but still I consider myself a learner in the field.

      2. the concept of democracy emerged in the western world after hundred years of violence and dictatorships and we cant expect expect pakistan to learn it overnight……Nor any one model of democracy be imposed on it….as all ‘impositions’ from outside will only cripple down…i do not support dictatorship in its true essence nor i support liberal democracy (as its contradictory while working under capitalistic system)…i only think it has to be something in between..and in order to achieve that ‘in between’ state of affairs…(and also for any form of democracy to be successful) we need multiplicity of political forces and not just two dominant parties (pml and ppp)…more more competition in the form of APML and other parties will only improve our state of affairs…and mind you when we talk about bringing up young and educated class of pakistan to politics..then Musharaf, it seems, has lots of them behind him.. ..for sure he messed up state institutions as a dictator but now he is returning as a chairman of political party..he is neither in ‘wardi’ nor can be called a dictator…one of the best contenders i assume to achieve a state of affair somewhere in between liberal democracy and dictatorship..

  6. Welcome the great leader of our nation . best wishes for your success in GB and other provinces of Pakistan

  7. Great! long awaited! very wel come. you are the only capable leader for such a diversity of culture, people and geography. Good Luck

  8. The views and comments of Mr. Iqbal Barcha is not correct and does not reflect the aspirations, wishes and views of the people of GB. He was a great leader, no doubt we can blame his political team.

    Pervaiz Musharraf is a liberal and great leader, GB has got number of benefits (political, social and economical) during his tenure, in fact the present set of GB was also drafted and planed by him where as the credit/cup has taken by the present govt.


  9. Wel come to Gilgit Baltistan ur the only leader we can trust.InshalAllah Musharaff will b the next prime minister of Pakistan.once again a great wel come to APML in GB.

  10. Good news to learn that APML is opening up its door for GB. You will always feel at home here and will get a overwhelming support at GB. we identify with your idea of enlightened-moderation and will inshallah see u as the next PM. Good luck APML -long live Musharaf.

  11. it is really good news that have launched ur party over here in GB.. i personally well come u and on the behalf of BAUOO group u r welcomed..
    inshallah in the near future i will reg my group wid apml..
    with best wishes…

  12. I am pretty sure that this party will flourish just in media for some time and the number of supporter will reach to a few hundreds. These few hundreds will be those switching from PML-Q. In electoral politics, this party will not be able to win even a union council seat but of course, in some places its candidates will be in second position in union council elections. Its Quaid will not be able to return Pakistan due to his deeds during his years in power.
    PML has already enough factions from A to Z so this addition will not make much difference. Bhutto’s People’s Party and Nawaz Sharif’s League will dominate the political scenario as usual in near future.
    The former President should not have thought of entering politics after originating a notorious law- NRO, which gives free hand to potential corrupt people. Yes, there has always been corruption in Pakistan and the influential corrupt people escaped the accountability but there was no example of legalising corruption. NRO did it and everyone can see that the big wrong doers are in corridors of powers while small culprits are behind the bars in our country. One can say many things in favour of NRO but the fact is that it is a shame on the face of our country. It is strange that even undertaking such shameful act, the former President is entering politics again.

    1. waaw! quite strange to read this statement “Bhutto’s People’s Party and Nawaz Sharif’s League will dominate the political scenario as usual in near future.”
      we are still in a process of suffering b/c of the ongoing disaster in our region and thinking that PPP and PMLn will lead in the future elections. It seems we have not learnt from this tragedy or don’t have the guts to face the reality. Come on guys wake up and come out of your so called political views and act like a thoughtful member of your society.

      I am not asking you to support Musharraf coz I am myself not one of those, but I would just like to request the youth of the region to come out of their shelled political views and view the electoral process from a different perspective rather than the traditional/inherited perspective.

      1. Bibi, Musharaf even don`t know about your lake, He has hired Atiqa Odho and weighing his deposits for Meera, Reema etc.
        He may start politics near elections, coz he will be launch parachutically , coz he has cleared his path by killing B.B, and rest with the help of C.J media Drama. don`t support him for free 🙂

  13. Welcome our Great Qualified Moderate Leader Whom the all World Litsens including India. the Great Leader of The World.Most Waited leader of GB

    With love


  14. I personally well come the great leader who taught the poor Donkeys the lesson of human being and showed the World bright side of Pakistan …..but i am afraid and worried that the current players will destroy the image of the new hope ….sorry to say these are the Blue Eyes of Military and Civil bureaucracy……. so we all have to analyse before any mess.

  15. @ Iqbal Barcha,
    The current so called democracy is based on feudalism and anarchy. There is no democracy within the so called democratic government & parties and are run under the rule of another form of dictatorship rather than participatory and allowing freedom of speech.
    Pervaiz Musharaf has a vision for Pakistan while the current ruling democratic party has vision for self…..!!!!
    Welcome and Best of Luck Musharaf Sb.
    GB needs you.
    We missed u during the Hunza lake disaster caused by PPP puppets.

  16. we well come cordially a new political party i GILGIT BALTISTAN
    political monopoly will be decrease due to coming this new party.

  17. @ Iqbal Barcha.
    you are absoutly correct .agree with you. people need time to know the fact and reality

  18. Intresting game ! Team pamir times could you please share few words about Karim Khan of APML GB.

  19. we well come to our great leader “Musharraf”………………………specially in hunza….we r waiting for u ,As soon as possible u will come 2 pakistan……………..

  20. Welcome musrhraf sahib.
    Looking forward for your good favor.

    Chushaig HUNZAI’s

  21. we wholeheartedly welcome APML into the politics of GB.when the illiterate democratic leaders can come into the national politics and those with fake degrees can make policies and legislation for us then we are not even humans to accept them.politicians should have some ethics and credibility as well to lead the nation which is lacking especially in our PPP and PML-N.
    What is setup at GB, Mostly incompetent and vision less group of people in the Assemby.what they had done to the very well educated and innocent people of Gojal for the last 6 months, do they still have the right to rule.
    we should now come out of our rusty shells and see something new for the better interest of our youth and nation.
    We welcome Visionary and futuristic leaders like Musharraf no matter he is dictator or Army General, we need his mind not his army uniform.

  22. Kako Karim Khan Khapaaa,

    Qadam baraoo bhai Jan hum tumhara saath haaan. Congratz for the reorganizing APML in GB.


  23. well come APML..(Mr Musharaf) you are great hero and we want U.. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

    Fazal UAE

  24. Musharraf is best thing ever happened to Pakistan after Bhutto. Do we call current democracy as true and fair democracy,,,what a joke. This person is best available option for Pakistan, let every educated person of GB know about APML. We should all support Musharraf, We don’t want to be remain third world country under these feudals, We all should join hands to make APML successful in GB. Say no to religious extremists and Talibans. Musharraf Zinda bad.

  25. it’ really a great news! we wholeheartedly welcome our favourite leader. a very warm welcome to Musharraf and his party in GB.

  26. the killer of thousands of innocent Pakistanis is entering into politics to kill another series of innocents, Musharraf has no future in Pakistan, there is no place for killers in Pakistan now.
    yes he has an option to stay at London and on weekly basis address his few hundred workers by telephone as another killer of many of the innocent Pakhtoons do from London for the last many years…. i think the readers has gotten my gesture his name is Mr. Altaf Hussain.

  27. Agreed 100% with Sir Iqbal Barcha.
    The question is not how much Mr. Pervaiz Musharaf is a smart person or well orator but the question is how much he made the state institutions strong in his prolong dictatorship?
    Pakistan had been ruled by dictators by 40 years and 20 years by civilian democracy, while expecting 100% from the juvenile democracy would a be not nicer idea. Thus Pakistani democracy is fragile and in transition phase, so it needs time and it must be given time.
    As far as Musharaf APML is concerned, it is a damn fact that it will be go under the carpet after loosing the future elections with great margin because it is a dictator led faction and it party bourgeois are the same old establishment men and opportunists. People at large have distaste for them.
    Secondly Mr. Musharaf needs to prove his innocence first regarding abrogating the Constitution, sacking of a democratic government in 1999, killings of Nationalist leaders, sacking of Judges of the Supreme Court, cases of the missing persons, the Laal Masjid issue and many more without it, his faction will be a dream for him. If he think he has got the charisma among the masses, then he need to return the country and face the courts.

  28. dont worry he is not comming. he went to london like Nawaz Sharif to Saudi Arabia. they are all same and Zadari is worst of them.

  29. I support Iqbal Barcha. it is really sad that the youth from the region which claim to have maximum literacy rate in Pakistan are welcoming Musharaf who ruined institutions of Pakistan, covertly supported extremists, killed Bugti and before leaving gave gift of NRO to Pakistani people. By doing the last he licked what he spitted. Secondly, Zardari would not have been ruling today had Benazir was given a chance to complete first tenure. We are ready to accept Chaudry Shujaat as interim prime minister. Give the current dispensation to make blunders. Ultimately they will be undone by their own deeds, but let the system take roots. We need not to worry that Pakistan will break up or lose something. the only time Pakistan lost is when military was in power. We lost 750 kilometer land of Hunza to China in 1962, and 1200 km to India in 1965 war when Ayub was in power. Yahya lost Bangladesh, Zia gave Siachin, and Musharaf misadventure in Kargil is well known. He was the person who organise laskars in 1988 in Bunji containment. Unless we tend to see army as the only saviour we cannot built a strong civil society. I may be against Zaradari but it does not make me great fan of Musharaf. Most of our retired general prefer to live in the West after retirement. Musharaf is enjoying a cosy life in the posh area of Edgware Road in London. he is not going to come anyway.

  30. I Strongly agree to Mr. Iqbal Burcha’s views…who instead of being personal like his critique has expressed t correct scenario

  31. I agree with the views of both Mr. Iqbal Barcha and Mr. Aziz Ali Dad with a few qualms. They both seem to be strong proponents of democracy and democratic processes, which is of course the best solution for nation-state political organization. But at the same time they appear to oppose the ingress of APML in the political arena of Gilgit-Baltistan, which is against the wills of Democracy.

    Undoubtedly, both dictators and dictatorship has always affected the political discourse and nourishment of political will in Pakistan. However, APML is now a political party and Mushraf is a Political figure, not a dictator. This argument does not suggest that one should participate in its activities. The act of participation or rejection is strongly subjected to the political will of an individual.

    Unfortunately besides being the most literate community (which I personal Doubt) in Pakistan, we strongly lack political awareness. And political structures play a pivotal role in both establishment and nourishment of Political will. So, being a proponent of democracy we should celebrate the diversity of democratic structures.

  32. Sir my best and warm wishes is for you, i want to join APML so i want to know the procedure.

  33. Respected sir
    mujay bahot khoshi hay k ap nay apni party bana lee aur gilgit baltistan say election jetain gay INSHAALLAH men rawalpindi say hun aur mujay bhot khoshi hay.k ap ap gilgt baltistan say shroaat ker rahay hain mujay yaqeen hay humaray gilgati bhai ap ko pora saport karien gaye ager wo pakistan ko agay bharty dekhna chatay aur in politicals acters say tang aa chokay hain in ke rose rose k dramoon aur crruption say plz all people sport mushraf if u want a better Pakistan
    Parvez mushraf zinda bad pakistan painda bad
    God bleaa u parvez mushraf

  34. we welcome to our beloved leader in GB
    we are waiting for u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we have lot of hopes……………………

  35. There is a bad news for the supporters of former President Musharaf that his newly launched party could take off but only as a “Tanga Party”. No prominent political figures joined the party and only a few people without any vote bank occupied the party including Dr. Sher Afgan, Barrister Mohammad Ali, Ch.Shahbaz Hussain and Rashid Quraishi.

  36. Sir this is a great platform specially for new generation of PAKISTAN.
    Here in Pakistan i am with you and our party (APML).And i want to register myself officially for APML.please contact with me.
    (Engr Muhammad Shahzad Aslam Chaduary)

  37. Sir AOA:-
    We say welcome to you and your party…
    Please come back and save our homeland(PAKISTAN).
    Sir,I and my group decide to became a part of “APML”under your great leadership. our group want to work for “APML”as worker.
    We are waiting for your reply.
    Member’s of our group:-
    – ASIM ROY
    – M.RAUF
    and other’s.

  38. come back Musharraf “The great leader ofpakistan”.the pakistani nation is waiting for you. came and save pakistan.
    G A Musherraf
    G A All Pakistan Muslim League

  39. Pervaiz Musharf Iqtadar hasil kerney ki koshish Me Pagal ho gya ha ,he is doing vangefull polictics

  40. Welcome welcome.. Entire Pakistan needs you sir, you are the last hope and hope we understand that.
    To all my friends…
    If you think anybody who is better then him or save Pakistan with pride, pls tell us we will support him/her, we love Musharaff because we only love Pakistan! “Sub Say Phelay Pakistan”

  41. we wellcome to you….. …………………………………………………………..and we know (you are the one who care about GB)

  42. we wellcome to you ………and we know that you are the one who care about GB..good luck.

  43. We welcome our great leader and we are sincere to him .He is the only person who knows how to run a country and he is the only person who can save our homeland.
    Again i will say that we welcome him and his party in gilgit baltistan.

  44. Well cum !!All Pakistan Entire Pakistan need you !! There is no one better then u You did much better in past many years every single person know that who is Musharaf and and how is his personality ? Best of luck

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