Multiple disasters at play in Hunza Valley

Around 200 houses have been destroyed in Gojal Valley due to damming of the Hunza River as a result of January 4 landslide disaster that claimed lives of 19 people of Attabad Payeen. The landslide also displaced around 1600 people from Attabad, Sarat and Salmanabad. Over one hundred shops, six hotels, a bank office, thousands of kanals of land with standing crops have also been destroyed in Gojal Valley. The lake has completely submerged Ayeenabad village (32 households) while also causing damages to Shishkat (110 houses), Gulmit (54 houses), Ghulkin Payeen (8 seasonal houses) and Hussaini (2 houses). The photograph is of three displaced children innocently playing with furnitures removed from their houses to be shifted to a safer location in Gulmit. Image: Abdul Hameed

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  1. So cute, children always find their own ways to play. Nice picture Hameed. Thanks for sharing.

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