Raja Pervez Ashraf elected Pakistan’s 25th Prime Minister

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Islamabad, June 22: The Pakistani Parliament elected former cabinet member, Raja Pervez Ashraf, as the 25th Prime Minister of the country. He was able to get 211 out of the 365 total votes, gaining 57 % majority votes. Mehtab Abbasi of the PMLN was able to get 89

Raja Pervez Ashraf

votes, while the JUI (F) Chief, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman withdrew his candidature right at the beginning of the voting process.

Raja Pervez Ashraf takes the seat of government at an embattled time where the democratic institutions are under tremendous pressure of the Supreme Court. Raja Pervez Ashraf will, most likely, be asked by the Supreme Court to write a letter to the Swiss authorities to open hearing of graft charges against President Zardari. Former PM, Yousuf Raza Gilani, lost his seat after refusing to comply with the Court’s Order.

Raja Pervez Ashraf also faces tremendous pressure because of his bad image. He had failed the nation as Minister for Power and Energy. He is also accused of corruption and kick-backs in the so-called RPP (Rental Power Plant) case.

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  1. Another corrupt politician, who failed to run the Water and power ministry, now is selected to run the entire country…what a joke…

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