“Could not learn to live”, student from Haramosh commits suicide in Lahore

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Islamabad, October 14: In a tragic incident a student of University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore has apparently committed suicide by hanging himself to a ceiling fan in a room locked from the inside.

The deceased Sifat Ali, son of Mir Baz, belonged to Haramosh, a village located close to Gilgit city. He was a 5th semester student at the university.

A paper note was found in Sifat’s room on which he had reportedly scribbled the sentence, “Could not learn to live”. Sifat, reportedly, also put his signature on the note.

The dead body of Sifat has been laid to rest in his native village in presence of hundreds of mourners.

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  1. Human beings are always confronted with countless problems in their life. The people who do have patience to face such problems are negligible in number. But this atttitude keeps no sense and logic. We must have capibility to bear every sort of problems; i.e. financial, academic, social, etc. To commit sucide is HARAM in Islam, so we must not be despair by such difficulties and obstacles. We should learn lesson from the life of Holy Prophet, Ahlul Bait (A.S.) and other saint people.

  2. Indeed astonishing news for all especially for the people of NA. But this is not first time, it has a deep root with past that students have committed suicide either what ever the reason is. But I think such cases may happen in future also if an appropriate steps is not taken by our educational experts. Because to fulfill the high expectation of oneself, family members, friends, society, teachers, and especially of parents is not easy job for a student.

  3. Life itself is a challenge in this era for all but there should be students association in every school and university to meet every students need in their studies and all matters. Indeed it is a big loss for our region by committing suicide at the end of their professional studies.

  4. It is very sad news. May almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give courage to deceased family to bear his absences.
    We have to think why he committed suicide… and we have to realize such Universities and achievement a failures are not THE END. Life is big gift by Allah, so we have to realize this….

  5. young fellow took his own life, there should have been a massive depression in his mind, its all cuz of this ruthless surroundings, its an era fighting for survival…..

  6. Life is a precious gift, it must not be wasted so carelessly. It is a sin to give up a sacred struggle, and one must always try to engage with the world in a constructive manner to try and live a morally upright and socially just life.
    I do myself live in absolute solitude in mountains above our bustling valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan because I am a bit fed up from the corruption that has so seamlessly penetrated our society, perhaps the biggest import from mainland Pakistan that our young generation has brought along with them. Now there is a need to purify ourselves before we embark on any initiatives of social renewal. This gentlemen who took his life must have been someone unfit for a society that is dominated by cosmetics devoid of authenticity.

    Without pontificating too much I would like my deepest sorrows for this young, apparently promising gentleman. May God bless his soul in eternal peace.
    Trangfa Maujo0d
    Shishper Meadows

  7. So sad for his family and friends, I agree with Trangfa Moujood, It is not easy for honest, positive and straight forward people to face a society which is drowned in the deep sea of corruption of all kinds.

    The gentleman must be at the hight of depression when he decided for the ultimate step to finish the greatest gift (life) of Allah. It is for the society to find out the reasons and take remedial actions to prevent such incidence from happening.

    I agree that the Pakistani society has been a corrupt society but to live here we need to adopt simplicity rather then get into competition with those who have worked hard and are lucky enough to have earned a better living, or have earned a lavish life out of corruption.

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