[PT Election Cell] Shehryar Khan completes election tour of Shimshal

Hunza, November 05:  PML ticket holder Shehryar Khan, son of former NALA chief executive, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, has recently finished his election campaign tour of Shimshal valley. During the visit he was accompanied by notables of Karimabad and Altit, apart from Ghazanfar himself.

According to party sources people of Shimshal have expressed confidence in the leadership of Shehryar and have promised to voter for him on 12th November.

It is pertinent to note that Shimshal has been one of the winning hot spots for Ghazanfar Ali Khan in the past.

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  1. On what Basis have the people expressed confidence????
    considering the corruption in sost dry port????
    there is no mir and wazir now.. please forget it and take the power by your own please, all my people..
    hazrat ali said that select a leader from among you who is most meritorious and competitive…….y dont we elect such a person?????

  2. Wow Shehryar Khan its really amazing that u visit Shimshal,,,??? u..???? Now just forget it that ur the son of Mir and every people follow u and cast theur vote for U,,,just forget it… NOw all the Gojal guys are educated and they know very well about ur Family… Ur family did,nt allow our peoples to get their eduaction and why now u are visiting different parts of Gojal..??? Why because u need some thing from them…Wow it,s gr Mr.Shehryar Khan great….. Just think about ur past that wat ur family ahve done with our peoples and then think about ur voters from gojal… I my self never ever Vote u and ur family members….!!!!
    We have to change our thought No one is Mir and Wazir just chosse a right and great leader… Leave these Mir they are these all just for their own Cause…!!!

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