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Stunning Yasin valley

by Asghar Khan

The Yasin valley (old name Warshi Ghoom) runs north to south, joining the Ghizer valley at Gupis and lies in the Ghizer District. It is located at a distance of 142 Km and three hours drive form Gilgit. It lies to the east of Ishkoman, at an altitude of 2,100 to 2,750 meters. In its lower 60 kilometers, the valley is wide, flat and well watered, making it comparatively fertile, with irrigated fields on either side the river. There are no rocky defiles, so communication along the valley is easy, with roads on both sides of the river.

The people here speak the aboriginal language; Burushaski, as in Hunza and the upper class also speak Khowar, as in Chitral. There are five possible treks out of the Yasin valley. Asumbar Pass about 4,400 meters begins at Sandhi village, Ishkoman Pass; Darkot Pass to Boroghil begins at Darkot and end of the Yarkhun river of Chitral, Thui Pass and the other over the Nazbar and Zagar Passes.

It is 30 minutes drive from Yasin to Hundur, the village of  Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed, Nishan -e- Haider, where Hundur guesthouse offers three rooms with restaurant, and onward tour to Darkot and the valley goes to Yarkhun.

For more detail about the history of Yasin and famous ruler of Yasin Gohar Amna you can visit the website

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  1. Asghar has always been contributing with his valuable information.

    His journalistic efforts are commendable in bringing these informative articles and very beautiful pictures of our valleys and events. In fact he is doing a very valuable contribution to promote tourism and to the local people living away from homeland to remain in touch with the area through these articles and pictures.

    Dear Dzaqyor, I really appreciate your efforts. Keep it up.

    Sher Karim

  2. Very interesting and refreshing. I enjoyed by seeing these beautiful pictures of my valley Yaseen. I hope next time Mr. Asgar will bring us more lovely pictures from all around NAs. Keep doing this excellent work.

    With best regards

  3. Very interesting and beautiful side. I enjoyed by seeing these Nice pictures of our great valley Yaseen. I hope next time Mr. Asgar saheb will bring us more lovely pictures from all around NAs specially Yaseen.i myslef incourage to do this this excellent work for the people of yaseen.

    With best wishess
    your’s truly Farman Ali baig

  4. i like very much yasin its a haven in the world its a big gift for us by god…………

  5. Mr.Asghar Khan has expressed in his article a linguistic pre juidice.Boori shaski as aboroginal and khwar as of the upper class.AGREED, boori shaski is considered as the aboroginal as was opined by the British agent Mr. Algernon Durand.KhooWar is a dardic language.Dardic group of languages a sub group of indo Earopean family.If Mr. Asghar Khan means Kho war as the tongue of the rulig dynasty, then Boori shaski was the language of Ti Li Ti Thum and BooBooli Gaz Ghendesh of the great Boorish era . The ruins of Noh at Yasen speak of that old golden era.please dont forget that the fighters and the king makers are stii the aboroginal Boori shaski speakers.

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