[Media Review]”Indian plot against Northern Areas”

by Sajjad Shaukat

India which has already been supporting insurgency in Pakistan’s province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and separatism in Balochistan has also accelerated plot, with the help of some external powers in backing the minority nationalist elements of the Northern Areas, who claim an independent Balawaristan, consisting of Gilgit and Baltistan.

It is of particular attention that strategic location of the Northern Areas is of a greater geo-political importance for Pakistan, linking major parts of South Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia. Besides India, Pakistan’s clandestine rivals, America and Afghanistan on one hand and its close friend, China on the other also consider it as strategically important. In the present era of economic wars, the region is the backbone of our country’s economy, and trade with China entailing future partnership with the Central Asian States. Pakistan imports almost all kind of items from China via Karakorum Highway. These areas are significant in respect of natural resources containing precious minerals such as gold, ruby, emerald, iron ore and uranium. Water is another major source. Pakistan’s major source of water is River Indus which flows through this region. It was also due to the ideal strategic location of this region that India had occupied the Siachen Glacier, deputing its forces below 50 and 60 degree freezing point peaks, and compelled Pakistan to defend its Northern Areas.

As regards India, just like the separatist groups of Balochistan and the Pakhtunkhwa, Indian secret agency, RAW has played a key role in the Northern Areas in organizing a number of nationalist groups such as Gilgit-Baltistan Democratic Alliance (GBDA), Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement (GBUM) etc.? and particularly Balawaristan National Front (BNF) which plays a leading role, claiming that Chitral and Kohistan are inseparable parts of Gilgit-Baltistan, known as Balawaristan.

New Delhi and Kabul with the covert support of Washington have already been creating lawlessness in various regions of Pakistan by fuelling sectarianism?are also converting our Northern Areas into another volatile place where they have been manipulating anti-Pakistan sentiments to achieve their secret strategic goals.

Apart from other external secret agencies, RAW which has became most active in availing the anti-Muslim phenomena of world terrorism is particularly using US war on terror against Pakistan by supporting the separatist elements with a view to either disintegrating or weakening the federation of our country. So far as the Northern Areas of the country are concerned, in this context, RAW which had performed a major role in forming Balawaristan National Front (BNF) in 1992 has been providing it with political and financial support including arms and ammunition. The sole aim is to promote the agenda of an independent Republic of Balawaristan from Kohistan to Chitral and Khunjrab to Skardu which also includes Ladakh. Complete at SOURCE

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  1. we love where we live and have the right and duty to protect what we have and what we are. But the its not the question , of what India and anyother country is planing for us, but the question is what we are doing, and how we are living, what we are and how we have all that we desire for.
    but the way this statement is given by my friend it seem that he was sitting on the same table where the planing took place………..

    true or false , all are with brain and eyes,

  2. @ Sajjad Shaukat,
    “Using the terrorists as instruments of Foreign policy” is not a one way traffic……. clearly you Pakistanis do not like the taste of your own medicine …….. but it is time to pay back for the past sins ……… !

  3. how dare to say that northern areas is yours till now this is disputed territory according to the UN resolutions…its right of every individual belonging to GB to fight against the atrocities from Pakistan gov since 6 decades neglecting the area and rule the GB as colonial setup now we can say without any hesitation that it is now Pakistan occupied GB. Till the solution of kashmir cause and restoration of real identity of GB which it had as a state of Bloristan and broshal the nationalist moments will be continued INSHALLAH who so evrer finance them….

  4. Huh!! but What U pakistanis have done with Us?We know who is the real culprit.It is a disputed territory and we have to decide our future so let us decide by our own will.

  5. Since our childhood we study how white men govern on subcontinent and what were the feeling of ppl of subcontinent at that time …no one happy cz they don’t want slavery under the those ppl who came their out of the region … in short we got independence by our own struggle from Maharaj but we are slaves of pakitanies …,that is true you must realize it … in recent disaster of attabad what pak do for you ????? … we must struggle to get our own identity need pak more and their governance on us …we must think on these issues seriously ….

  6. i think the news is not worth readin … a total piece of crap … If u callin nationalists indian agents then i would rather advise u to go n get sum mental check up who so ever u are … I dun hav an affilation with BNF ,GBDA etc but yes i do have a soft corner for my region which has been treated as an unwanted child by Pakistani Govt …A new setup so called provincial status a total joke indeed …I relii feel shame wen our leaders prasie Diffrnt parties for Given us identity to hell with u all leaders u are making us feel that we are slaves n these people frm plains have done us a favor …

    To hell with Shame pupet setup n to all leaders of GB who r thankful to paskitan for giving us identity .. Paksitan has never tahnked the reagion for the blood of those thousands of soldiers who lost thier lives in battles defending a country which is not thier nor it has ever accpeted them ..but still our shame leaders r thankful for identity ..

    I tell you wot tell the news source that every n every kid of GB is full of national zest n are nationalist see how many u can call indian agents .. shame on u .. u coward !!!!

    Long live Independent GB
    Long Live Nationalists of GB

  7. @ Sajjad Shaukat
    With due respect Sir, Your article shows the emotions of the a typical mean Pakistani. From your rhetorics it seems that you have developed your view like Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul, whose mind revolves arounds the ‘ Conspiracy theories’ regarding the destabilization of Pakistan and its nuclear arsenals.
    Lets us be rationals and overview that why these Nationalist movements have put up their heads in GB, Balochistan, KP province? It is that simple:- The Pakistani establishment, both the civil and military had not given the due rights to the people from the last 6 decades and kept away from the mainstream politcs, using the resources of the people, in a sense the fates of the said people are not in their own hands.
    As far as GB is concerened, it is a disputed territory according to the UN and people will choose their fate according to their own will (Plebiscite). The GB region is not the consitutional part of Pakistan . Thus claiming GB as an intergral part of Pakistan is an illigitiamte stance.
    To get rid from the foreign imperialism, the Nationalist movement is the only way to safeguard our identity and rights. If the RAW or CIA is plotting against the so called Northern Areas, it should not bother the people of GB because it is a global phenomenon that every natioanlist movement is supported by foreign elements so was for Pakistan in 1947.

  8. by sajjad sb,
    For this aim, on July 29, 2008, BNF had formally created Karakuram Students Organization (KSO) at Karakuram University Gilgit. It also decided to form Balwaristan National Students Org (BNSO).

    for ur kind information kso was not created by BNF on july 19,2008 ,it was created long befor BNF/BNSO…kso is a student organization of KNM….

  9. @ Sajjad Shoukat.

    If Pakistan has its intelligence agencies like ISI and Army milbus than it don’t need any enemy to destroy this corrupted Country. Can any one ask S.K, either it was RAW, CIA and Mussad who conspiracy against four democratic Governments of Porkistan or it was Amry and its (US contractors ISI). 28 December 1971 in Dhaka killed and raped 28,000 Bangladeshi by Porkistan Army not my RAW, CIA and Mussad but still puppets like Sajjad Shoukat blames other agencies.
    Can anyone let this ISI payroll Journalist about the sectarian tension organised by sinner Zia in 1988 and killed 2078 locals of both sects and fired three villages in central Gilgit.
    Now come to the legal position of Porkistani agencies and Army in Karakorum is occupier and it is our legal and basic right to fight against foreign occupier and free our land from Porkistan army.
    Now people of Karakorum understood that who is the real culprit and which organisations and political parties struggling for the disputed territories of Karakorum (Gilgit, Baltistan, Chitral,Shinaki Kohistan and Kadakh).

    Wake up the youth of Karakorum and exposed the payroll Journalist and puppets governments of Pork, GB and Kashmir.

    Karakorum Students Organisation.

  10. I think if our Govt. will treat us as a step child than anti Pakistan sentiment will increase in this region, which is already increasing day by day. Our local govt. and political leadership are responsible for fueling anti-Pak sentiment, and if you say RAW is active in this region than our leaders are their agents. I am also feeling that anti state sentiments is increasing day by day in Upper Hunza also, where people were very loyal to Pakistan. I myself was very loyal to ma country but now I think I must leave this country, because here is no any respect for middle class and poor people. The behavior of our leadership is creating anti-state groups, and these corrupt leadership is more dangrous than any Intelligencia like RAW, MOSAD, KGB OR CIA.
    I am very much disappoint to read many coments which shows that our youth and our people are expressing their views against our own country…and again Govt. herself is responsible not the youth.

  11. How is Gilgit Baltistan neglected when it is one of the most educated area with better quality of life then 90% of other areas in Pakistan? This victim mentality is surely a sign of foreign influence and propaganda.

    The government is not meant to give handouts to local people. If highly educated locals cannot help their own region, not even Allah will help the people. In my village in Sindh, we have nothing compared to all the focus that northern areas gets from NGOs and government.

  12. @ Badoosh,

    You cannot expect to get the “focus” at the same scale with “northern areas”; you cannot compare the focus your “village” gets with the focus a “whole province” (sort of) gets. Your village is not a province; northern areas is not village. The 90% (this is a little exaggerated account) literacy rate has been achieved with virtues of NGO’s and community based organisations, certainly not via Govt Schools, and the negligence we’re talking about is on part of Govt, not NGO’s. Secondly, the Govt HAS to focus on Gilgit-Baltistan more because Gilgit-Baltistan gives more to Pakistan per year than Pakistan gives to Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Nobody is asking for handouts here (I don’t know what you’re trying to say with that analogical something); there are several possibilities which lie between “giving handouts to people” and “putting hand-ins on the people” (you should know what i mean, if it makes no sense, so what?, neither did yours).

    And your comment about highly educated locals is unthoughtful, because you fail to connect the ‘90% literacy rate’ with the contributions of ‘highly educated locals’.

  13. @ mr badoosh

    if NGO’s(thanks to them) wouldnt have been workin in the northern areas of pakistan then it wouldnt have been the “most educated educated area” and it wouldnt have a better quality of life than the rest of the pakistan. Pakistan has always neglected northern areas and i am ashamed to say that the media was giving more importance to sania mirza and shoaib malik’s engagement when the hunza lake was gainig volume.I agree with mr sajad that u cannot compare your village with the northern areas

  14. I am really glad to see the intellctuals of G-B punchng some ill-minded, ignorant so calld journalist of Pakistan.! Dear bros & sis’s you can easily watch Mr. Sajjad Shoukat’s responce, he is quiet..!!! He nver thought that he could face such an educated, well-awared youth in G-B. Nationalist are not terrorists, rather our own brothers and sisters, who are trying to awake the nation. Look at them, on one side thy’ve let Ataabad drown for saving sum money..!! I dn’t think any external agency needs to operate here, what do think of us..!! R v dumbs.. No, we can see, hear, smell, feel and can judge the tasts..!!

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