Seepage from the lake barrier

Level of water seepage from the landslide debris that serves as the lake barrier on River Hunza has increased to 16 Cusecs, starting in first week of March. 

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  1. This cannot be called seepage; it is water gushing like small river.
    This leaking of water in fast manner at 16 cusecs/sec can mean serious problem and can be one of the early signs if leakage increases,of potential dam failure.
    We should pray and hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. We should follow evacuation advice of FOCUS and Government and carefully hear Early Warning System that FOCUS has put in 13 high risk villages.

  2. i am agree with you sir the water is gushing like streem,or river we appled with governmemts to proper works about the area quaickly stape to save the prcious lives

  3. thanks for publishing videos of seepage of lake of Hunza River created at Attabad ion 4th January 2010. I also benafited with information of water level of the lake. I keep inorm the others pariculartly elders of the socienty. Please inform the public causes drawn of boat in lake. Please also comment whether or not bridges of will be safe if the debris of the lake are removed in shorter time by the force of water. What will be consequances?

  4. I should appriciate all people specially the Pamirtimes, for up dating the stake holders and general people this crisis…

  5. I can only pray. Pakistani Government or Milatary don’t have the capacity to manage such situation they are only trained in corruption. That is whu they are waiting for the lake to burst so that they can quench their thirst of corruption after all common people are born to die.

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