Link road in central Hunza washed away

Images: Qasim Ali

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  1. This flood has caused so much damage to life,property and infrastructure .It will take years to re-build.There will be question of availability of resources. We need to request all international aid agencies,WB etc to please ensure transparent use of funds.There has to be accountability. We have to build back better,safer and the initiative has to be local communities based. There has to be more local commerce. Please Can FOCUS & other AKDN agencies who are ethical take lead please.

  2. Dear
    If you are talking about Hyderabad so let me tel you some thing.i dont think Hyderabad is not that much Affected that If you start it to build it takes Year.If you concentrate on it i think it takes few months.
    please this is our humble request think about the people of Hyderabad and Please be honest with them.

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