Terrorism in Gilgit, five including policeman injured in mosque explosion and firing

by Farman Karim Baig

Gilgit, February 21: According to police sources five people including a policeman were injured due to an explosion at Imam Zainulabdin Mosque, in Kashrote locality of the capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan. The explosion was followed by heavy firing. The explosion was caused by a grenade hurled at the mosque, according to unconfirmed  initial reports.

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  1. This type of terrorist activity is a sign of the involment of government agencies in our land . People have to be united and keep themselves aware of these activities . Its time to take bold steps for our own security. Do not allow other peiple to use you as tools for gaining their targets e.g political parties, relegious groups.

  2. This is a cowardice attempt to divert the attention of the people of GB from current serious socio-economic issues (Gojal lake issue and Diamer dam issue) into a sectarian strife but GB people won’t be fooled by these tactics and continue their struggle for their legitimate rights with an utmost unity.

    Everyone in the GB knows that ‘sectarian violence’ was flared up to usurp the rights of the people (by the dictator Zia) as well as to undermine and crash the idea of Z.A. BHUTTO who dismanttled the oppressive ‘Rajgi’ system in the GB and provided opportunity for the people to witness a paradigm shift of their life into a new world of hope.
    Pakistan should focus on a positive long term geo-political policy based on harnessing the people with awareness to the symbiotic importance of GB with Pakistan through promoting socio-economic opportunities rather than oppression, since, soon or later, this region has to witness a referendum of self determination under UN.

    Government should take serious action against those culprits who promote or try to promote anti-Pakistani sentiments among the peacefull and patriotic people of GB through such cowardly acts.

  3. It seems now terrorism reached at the peak,as the reprehensive effot being made by the miscreants to distabilize this peaceful land. its time to recognise the extremist who are involved in this targeted attack, international agencies seems to be concrete in this incident. it’ll be poor to proclaim it a sectarian work.

  4. The local people need to understand the real motive behind this attack before taking the incident on sectarian lines.

    One must evaluate this coward act in the light of the struggle of the local people and the repression they faced from state in result .

    The attack on the mosque in Gilgit city is a part of establishment’s conspiracy policy to thwart any collective act of people of Gilgit-Baltistan against construction of Basha dam. … See More

    The state has ruthlessly killed two protesters and injured many others a couple of days ago when they were protesting in favor of their just demands.

    In the aftermath of the state’s cowardice act against people of Chilas , a wave of protests was seen through out Gilgit-Baltistan that added to the momentum of resistance against the state in the colonial part of Pakistan(GB).

    State has adopted a policy of repression against local people since day one. But as history tells us,repression breeds rebellion .And one must not escape the reality that this rebellion has started taking roots in the youth of GB.

    Situation following the killing of two protesters in Chilas by non local FC has got worse and deteriorated .Things in Chilas are not in the control of the government.

    To calm down the situation and divert attention from ruthless killing of innocent people of Chilas and construction of Basha dam , the state again has resorted to divide and rule policy .The firing and hand grenade attack on the mosque in Gilgit city is an attempt to deepen the division among people of Gilgit-Baltistan on sectarian lines.

    In past the agencies successfully have used the sectarian issue as a weapon to thwart any collectve act of people of Gilgit-Baltistan for their basic human and political rights, the vicious policy is still on run.

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