54 displaced families return to Salmanabad

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, January 14: The 54 families from Salmanabad including 436 individuals (Boys 53, Girls 64, Adult male 155, Adult female 164) were repatriated from Altit Camp after experts declared the village as safe for living. Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan and Pakistan Red Crescent Society provided one month’s relief goods to the returning families.

Meanwhile 9 families from Ayeenabad (Shishkat -Gojal), threatened by lake formation, have registered at IDP camp in Altit on Thursday, taking the total number of registered families to 141.

The water rise level was recorded rising at 0.1 ft per hour in the lake formed on Hunza River. According to various sources the water moved 700 meter downstream towards the main barrier and 700-800 meters upstream towards Shishket village.

Three helicopters provided by the government of Pakistan continued lifting people, food and non food items to Gojal. More than 400 bags of flour lifted on Thursday.

FOCUS has established an information cell in Altit camp to monitor the lake formation and analyze its impact on up and downstream areas. The cell also facilitates in relief activities for the IDPs.

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  1. Hi this is sher ullah baig president “Gojal Students fedration” gilgit unit,we are happy from the govt of pakistan and the other poltical leaders anr the ismaili councils,focus,volunters and the people of hunza nagar they are playing their important role in the Atta abad hunza.our first advice to realize the water and supply the basic goods for gojal people and my request is for gojal people dont travell without any resson in this time plz as a wakhi announcer we guiding u time to time .takecare for ur families and urself and work for gojal.

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