Ministers of Gilgit – Baltistan Cabinet and their departments

(L-R) Muhammad Ismail, Ali Madad Sher, Jafar, Wazir Shakeel, Muhammad Ali Akhtar. Courtesy Daily Mahasib

Mehdi Shah (Chief Minister) – Interior, Information, Works

Muhammad Jafar (PPP Ghanche)- Food, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry

Muhammad Ali Akhtar (PPP Hunza -Nagar)- Finance, Revenue, Cooperative Societies

Ali Madad Sher (PPP Ghizar)- Women Development, Education, Social Welfare

Advocate Shakeel -(PPP Skardu) Law, Water and Power, Planning and Development

Gulbar Khan (JUI – Diamir)- Health, Zakat & Ushar, Population Welfare

Muhammad Ismail (PPP Ghanche) – Local bodies, Census, Rural Development,

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  1. @ Hunzai

    God was kind enough to save us from a land grabber like Ghazanfar and his ghoonda son, Saleem.

    We need not to be worried now :-p

  2. It’s the mercy of ‘God’ that we have such competent ministers to resolve every problem of GB through their ‘exceptional qualities’.
    God save the the slept ones.

  3. Parliament of Fools,
    Can I call this set up that way I do not agree with that, as I have read? It is selected by the ignorant to the stage to serve them in all the ways of problem. Because I m quite confident that non selected on the bases of leader, but more on the bases of Pir, Mir, landlord, or takaidar or form a powerful family who have a set of good paper cloth, which they wear with pride. Why because that is how we have been taught by our society to select the one going in the assembly. Many be I’m wrong but that is what is on news papers.
    What are we here for who sent us in why we are all the ones to be here on this floor what to talk? Do any of us know have heard form any of our representatives this that have they ever asked all these questions ever from the SELF or companion around.
    What the youth can do , just learn form them. Because it not going to be them next time. It will be the son and daughter or wife of the present to come, reason logical taught by you school or in which grew up , religion, society , culture and anything that has the power around you.
    So we should not question what they are the present day ministers going to do, all of them will first level all their expenses which they had during the election and next to save for the future and further to make them self from the others little more extra expenses , and if somehow something is left or the left over’s , it will be distributed to the loved or beloved workers , which they need in every case.
    So as commoners of the area it’s our duty and only duty to congratulate them on this marvelous achievement and offer something good gift it any of our right or legal works are stuck any where because they are other chosen Bagwans.
    Jee A GB

  4. Mr. Nazeer, Could you kindly translate your comment into simpler English and re-post. I don’t think I understood one sentence of what you had to say. Although, I’m very interested.

    1. Dear Aman
      In simple we have selected them so its we who are the culprits not them as incompetence, or incapable or what will happen to us, why we worry we have been selecting these Mir, Pir, Tahkadars, well off family members, for centuries so be it take it as your faith and do as it has been done and acted by the people before you.
      I don’t know why people so much emphasize on the word YOUTH, it can do that and this or can bring change and have good understanding and many more. They don’t possess any magical stick that will change the ongoing politics that is part of our culture, and social phenomenon for many years.
      YOUTH is the next generation of the same society; it’s basically the reflection of the previous with all the qualities and images.
      M I simple Dear Sir, Sorry for my humble and illogical English its not my first language and I’m not sound educated it’s the greatness of Pamir Times to bear my childish comments.
      But I appreciate you tone and expression, thanks for the advice, TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH

  5. I guess Mutabiat Shah could have been better condidate to hold the position of Finance minister( highly Important portfolio) not becuse he is from Hunza/ Gojal but he has the competencey.

  6. Y everyone here trying to give impression
    that all are incompetent n not capable to serve
    well…… we should give them time and then we
    may comment on their performance………….
    Only after nominating condemning them is
    injustice in my view…………

  7. Dear Mr. Balti
    You are very right, and to the point, these people of GB they are so impassion in all their decision, they cant wait. They should give more time, That is they only thing we have “GIVE MORE TIME”. We waited for change and progress form these people for the past 60 years lets wait another 60, we have lots of time. Because if I’m not wrong these are the same faces representing us for centuries with their noble ideas and honorable background
    GIVE THEM TIME, because we know TIME can change but not them, so GIVE TIME
    Gee A GB , as it is progressing we will love it the way its, because have no other option

  8. our beloved leaders(SO called) they even don’t know when their mother land GB got independent and they are considering themselves the caretakers of GB’s could be it possible…

  9. I congratulate Ms. Shama the Governor, Mr.Wazir Baig the speaker,

    Mr. Mehdi shah the chief Minister and ministers of Gilgit-Baltistan

    It is a challenge For chief minister of GB MR.Mehdi shah And his team

    to keep the new system transparent and exemplary.

    what ever they will achieve to deliver about development, and social system.

    there must be transparent and accountability first beginning must be good beginning.

    we must not be example of Azad Kashmir Assembly, or cabinet to fight each other

    and changing the cabinet after Every 6 month. And go for elections

    if we do so our area will be remain back word.

    Your advise to your team must be

    Well Born, well timed, well being, well mannered, good planning good deliver.

    We are in the new system we must be example not only for Pakistan
    also out side of Pakistan

    The history will not remember you and your team by what you earn your self.

    History will remember your good Governance and setup for coming generation.

    Allah tabarak watalah (GOD) has given you and your team the opportunity to serve

    For the People of Gilgit-Baltistan. I hope If there is will there is way. to do so

    Hikayat shah
    Saudi Arabia

  10. Agree with Mr. Nazeer Ali and not with those who are favoring to give them enough time.
    For Example………They have taken enough time to release the blocked Hunza River. If they are not able to save the existing resources and help poor people for such a long time how they could plan and implement new development programmes.
    They are not visionary!
    They are not active!
    They are not sincere!
    They are not capable!
    They are hungry of power and fame!!
    We don’t need more dummies…………….

    God help us all.

  11. The seven member cabinet of GB seems old friends of Mr. Shah as 71% of the ministers are from one ethnic group i.e from Baltistan, and five of the ministers are from the Ithna Ashri sect again 71% by coincidence.

    Will this work for the future of the region ? I simply doubt this.

    May Allah help GB and its people.

    1. Plz dont spread disinformation, bother to research before leaving any comment.
      1-Ali Madad Sher (Ismaili, Ghizer)
      2-Haji Gulber Khan ( Sunni, Diamer)
      3-Mohd ALi AKhtar (Shia, Hunza-Nagar)
      4-Aftab Haider (Shia, Gilgit)
      5-Sadia Danish(Shia, Gilgit)
      6-Muhammad Jaffer (Noorbakhsi, Ghanche)
      7-Mohd Ismail ( Noorbakhsi, Ghanche)
      8-Wazir Shakeel (Shia, Skardu)

      So, just 3 out of 8 ministers r from Baltistan ( Baltistan is not a a Subdivision like Hunza,It comprise of two districts), while 4 minister r Shia…

      In the general election shia won 11 seats, sunni 6 seats, Noorbakhsi 3 seats, and Ismaili 4 seats.
      ( Regionwise Baltistan region has 9 seats while Gilgit region has 15 seats )
      Note# Hunza Province(subdivision) has just 1 seat in the 24 members assembly……On the basis of that ONE seat Speaker and technocrat seats have been already given to Hunza..
      Sorry Boss…..! in the other regions of Gilgit-Baltistan human beings lives ,so cant give all the 8 ministries to Hunzais…

      1. @ Ali !

        dear i think Mr. Mehdi shah the chief Minister and ministers of Gilgit-Baltistan got good enough position as his status! which represents baltistan as whole this shows no any discrimination in allocation of ministries, secondly u should comment bias-ly without intervention of religions, thirdly, if u want more ministries just be prepare an be competent urself for that ministries..ok….dont mind..lolzzzzzz

  12. Nothing is Wrong in serving GB , Wait for another Century for Pakistan to born than Pakistan giving a Province and Social Justice to GB

    Good Morning GB – Remains Same in Stone Age, With Ministers Like these ones

    No one is God here if a chance of Province is given to us by the Government of Pakistan ,otherwise let Punjab or NWFP to Enjoy our proifit and Revenue earned by our GB
    We the {People of Gilgit -Baltistan} are Always Kept in the Darkeness

    I do not Agree with this DUMMY (Assembly made by Pakistan) We are Citizen of Pakitan, please dont fool the people,Accept our reality and Accept us as a Province than only We can enjoy our rights…… Whats the point of all these stupid Ministries Where as our basic needs are not met
    We are Looking for basic civic rights.Our government is so “STUPID” that they can not even bother to give the basic facility of medicines to the people of Gojal, We are facing hardship due to the lake and since mor than 63 years,,,passed We do not have single Hospital, where a Young Youth dies from small operations like APENDIX or a mother gives delivery and her baby dies.
    This is the complete stupidity of our governement of Pakistan
    We cant STAND all this false promises made by our so called dummy Gilgity-Balitstan Parliament(without and Powers)

    We are not fool for God Sack open Your eyes. How long You will fool the Public of this region Gilgit-Baltistan,


    GOD BLESS GILGIT- BALTISTAN.*(we condemn all these Jahil Ministers and Nonsense Dummy GB Assembly created by Pakistan,

  13. @Nazeer and Dua
    i am still not able to get the point what u want to say.
    these cabinet members are all our selectee’s………….
    and if they are not visionary,incompetent and dummies
    then its our fault as well………………

    @ jojon

    How can b one, so bigot and prejudice minded to even calculate
    percentages and dividing the shares in ethics and sects…
    if you are so intrested in numerics then calculate how many
    seats PPP has got from Baltistan Region……………….

  14. @ All,
    Please , politics and democracy is not about religion, ethnicity, geography or language….. don’t be confused and mixup things like the traditional and corrupt leadership/political approach. It means’ there is no hope for democracy in GB in future if educated youth are comenting as above……and that’s why we are left behind for more than half a century after independence.
    God bless GB!

  15. we should appreciate the existing body of cabinet to embark upon theire respective roles.we are salt eating nation so control of humper is the need of hour and try to use the sugar in large quantity..our leaders are free of curreption because they dont know to commit this illigal activity..we the new generation should stand in aur frountiers irrispective of religious and ethinic plus languistic aspects.sanabar hussain sakwar gilgit research officer in microfinance karachi and expected governor of gilgit baltistan after 12 years.i love u gilgit baltistani people..

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