Relief goods from China reach Sost Gojal

By: Naweed-e-Sahar

Sost August 29: Fifty trucks carrying relif goods donated by Chinese government reached Sost dry port the other day. These goods would be distributed among the landslide afectees of Gojal Hunza.

As  promised China proved to be a sincere neighborer and delivered fifty trucks of relief good at the Sost dry port in Northern  Pakistan.  The relief goods were received by Force Commander and Chief  Secratary Gilgit Baltistan at Sost. These goods would be formally handed over to the Cheif Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan lator today. The relief items include rice, grains, flour and other essential food items. The Chief Secratary thanked the representatives of the Chinese Government for their generous support in this time of need. He said that the received goods would  be distributed among the afectees of Attaabad landslide, those who have lost their properties as a result of the formation of Attaabad lake and those who are affected indirectly due to the incident.

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  1. China has always been very kind towards our region. We must not forget the loss that China has beard during building of The Eighth Wonder of The World (KKH). We must appreciate China’s generosity for helping the region’s effected people.

    Long Live China…

  2. China is a true friend.It helps and does not publise.Thank you great people of China.

    I hope that this relief is sent to affectees of Attabad and the poor people of Ghizer,Yasin,Gupis who have been totally cutoff.
    Also our brothers and sisters in Diamer and Balistan need to be helped.

  3. Dear Naweed-e-Sahar sahib,
    We all are reaily thankfull to Chinese Govt to send these relief good in such a bad time,I think these good must distribute in whole Gilgit Baltistan why only in Attaabad,they have got enough relief goods! so my dear Naveed sahib this is the time to think in a broder way!

    1. @Rehmat: Dear sir, thank you very much for your sincere comment and suggestion. I really appreciate your broader thinking. As per my knowledge these goods are specifically for the upstream affectees of Attaabad lake. Who were displaced ,lost their properties or were affected due the the blockage of supply line, as a result of Attaabbad disaster. These goods were announced by the Chinese govt months before. And above all these decisions are made on administrative level. We dont affect that decisions by any means, we just provide medium to convey the information to you.


  4. @Ejaz finger cross my brother i have just visited gojal for short time relief goods are not reaching needed people. Moorkhoon village still waiting for relief goods nothing is well organize i dont know where the educated people of gojal gone! this is time we need educated people to organize things in smooth way @ village level @Gojal level @Hunza level .Hope the civil society administration will open their eyes this time.

  5. Good the only nice effort of local and federal government after land sliding of attabad for hunza gojal

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