Provocative, sectarian, wall chalking and aerial firing threatens peace of Skardu

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Skardu, April 9: A wave of sectarian unrest is unfolding in the otherwise peaceful Baltistan division. A couple of days back a huge protest had been organized in Skardu city against ‘derogatory statements’ against religious leaders of a sect by members of another sect.

The allegations were rejected and condemned by leaders of the other sect, who termed it to be part of a plot to pit the two sects together.

Today, again, people came to the road and all business came to a halt in Skardu after unknown people painted some city walls with slogans against a sect. Aerial firing was heard in some parts of the city, adding to the already tense environment. The police have nabbed at least 4 people on the suspicion of being involved in the wall chalking and aerial firing incidents.

In the meanwhile, the Anjuman-e-Noor Bakhshia Sufia has condemned the wall chalking and appealed for peace and harmony.

Sheikh Hassan Jafri, a prominent religious scholar, has also appealed for peace and harmony, terming the incidents to be handiwork of those who cannot see the people of Baltistan united. He has said that external forces are trying to damage harmony of Baltistan and the people should act and react wisely.

Public circles across Gilgit – Baltistan have also expressed concern from the hitherto unheard incidents of sectarian disharmony in Skardu and Baltistan.

The government needs to use all its resources, as promised by the Chief Minister, to nib the menace in the bud and avoid a Gilgit – like situation in Skardu, a hub of tourism globally famous for its peace and beauty.

Failing to control the situation in Skardu would add yet another question mark to credibility and effectiveness of the governance system, because Gilgit has already been burning in the fire of sectarianism despite of the devolution of powers to elected representatives of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. Unfortunately, The Govt of Pakistan Peoples Party always remained very curse and unfavorable for the peaceful Noorbakhshi community in Baltistan. From the very beginning of its tenure in the region Gilgit Baltistan they started involving, arresting and alleging renowned Noorbakhshi ulemas in fake and forged FIR, in order to dismantle the peace in the region with some foriegn agendas. The inapt Chief Minister and his servants contrived the plann to extend sectarianism to Baltistan region, just to hide thier incompetencies, corruptions and to disturb the Pakistan Army serving in sensitive area of region.

  2. @Fatima Noorbakhsh Current PPP Govt’s two most powerful Ministers are NoorBakhshi and they are at the Helm of power (Who are the Eyes and Ears of CM ….Mohd Jafar Senior Minister and Mohd Ismail Minister for Local Govt ). So with due respect I dnt agree with you that current so called Govt is against NoorBakhshis…..and We better Know How much the current Govt is free to exercise their power, Some people are deliberately spoiling the situation by giving derogatory statements…So every true and peace loving Baltistani should come forward and condemn such elements who are spreading hatred amongst people.

  3. Shaju Balti @ There are more than different muslims sect living in Baltistan from a time, and each one respecting and believing in peaceful co-existence and religious harmony, that was great notions and lovely to see around. But my point is since it very inception of this political party’s govt things started changing materially in the region, in term sectarianism and extremism. People know very well, that religious scholor of Noorbakhshi Faith arrested in case and sentnced to five years by the court. we all know that these all done by political pressure, and purely politically motivated case in order to curb a certain sect and by humiliating its followers and ulemas. The foolish administration is unaware of the regions sensitivity, enimies threats, and these all done with some ulterior motives just to undermine the upcoming tourist security and to avoid them from visiting the region.
    You are very right in saying two senior minister are from Noorbakhshi sect, but how they are functional we could see in the current turmoil. The situation is very tense in the region, and a single unpleasant unwelcome incident could harm the whole region.
    Faith is very sentimental issue and should be solved very care and catious.
    I heard from someone that all these doing by a particular sect just to delay the release of Mufti Ali Muhammad Hadi a renowned Scholor of Noorbakhshi Faith imprisoned by the conspirators by concocting false stories and this time judiciary is of the view that he should be acquited and freed.
    And these all drama staged just to influence the court by a particular sect and PPP political administration.

    1. my dear first of all ali Muhammad Hadi is not a Noorbakhshi renowned Scholor of Noorbakhshia. Yes I agree to the point that some people are trying to create more tense b/w noorbakhshia. But 1st you should see who and when the situation gone unrest.

      by the supporting of others some one launched a fake FIR against theire own ulema and spritual leader. despite of resolved this matter by the othurities of NA and Islamic Nazriati council, they again kept launching fake FIR on different places and ultimately being crackdown the economy of the noorbakhshia (both side).

      offcourse we condemn such activities. Do you think that any Noorbakhshii has the concept or practice like qadyanies? . Do you agree with this ? thatthe perception is trying to create that noorbakhshi ulema are not belive on the Holy Quran and hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)?. where they want to take noorbakhshia.



  4. @Fatima Noorbakhsh…. Bibi….!.It is not that simple, Some hidden hands are trying to rift between Shia and Noorbakhshis,tell me who is gonna benefit from this unrest?After the degoratory statement in newspaper now provocative walk chalking done against the same sect? If Noorbakhshi Ulmes are denouncing such acts, then who are behind such henious acts?Surely culprits are not Noorbakhshi..Who are stirring the feelings, emotions and peace of Baltistan. Demonstration are being held both in Skardu and Khalpu. Who should be blamed? Our society is becoming more intolerant, We all must think about it…

  5. I must say form the onset that I am ignorant of the sects and issues in question. The one thing I do know and that is that any sect or group from any religion on the planet has NEVER reconciled anything by conflict and violence and the end result has always been the destruction of society and a huge price paid by the masses, especially the poor.

    GB has already been suffering from poverty, issues of access, energy, jobs, education, health … this fragile flower can ill afford sectarian strife to destroy it … if the elders and leaders dont put an end to this now … the children of today and tomorrow will never walk free and proud in their own land.

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