Pamir Times emerges as an important information source

Many websites have directly or indirectly benefited from the information shared by Pamir Times about the landslide disaster at Attabad – Hunza. Some of these websites are:


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  1. I am living abroad and regular reader of Pamirtimes, which updates me about GB. sepecialy on Atta abad deadly sliding accedent.
    I highly appreciate the effort of Pamirtimes, and request to wider the news coverage & videos if possible.

    Thanks and best wishes

  2. Bravo guys…. you again proved to be the best…. Zulfi your efforts to digitize the facts, figures and images has been tremendous… Nur, your word crafting, matchless…. you guys gave journalism a new paradigm and meaning in GB…

  3. I really appreciate, quality and quantity, of informations about the daily life,social, political and economical issues of G&B ; and more particularly , the up-dates, phtographic and contents, regarding the Ataabad-slide and the relief missions . CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  4. A good social media network and voluntarily work toward a revolution for a change and a better future. best wishes ahead.

  5. Ecellent work PT intiaters and its members are doing while updating your readers arround the globe You guys are true representers keep your good work going.

  6. All credit goes to PT team..great news sources esp for those of us who are living outside of our country.

    Great work keep it up

    Cheers Iman

  7. Really pamirtimes is the information centre for al of us, especially when we are away from our home town.

    I appreciate the work of Zulfi, Nur and all PT team members.

    Keep it up bravo!!

    Best regards,

    SAP Islamabad

  8. Nazrana of Time…May Moula give million times of happiness in reward to the PT volunteers.

  9. As per my understanding, for the people of GB living in any corner of the world, PT has become the first choice for any updates about the area ranging from politics to social life, culture, academics, careers and the like. This is a great achivement for the team of PT and ofcourse this is a great addition to the history of journalism as a voice of the civil society. Congrats PT

    I wish that PT achieves further heights of success in the years to come if it keeps creating a well informed and cohesive readership accross the globe in an impartial and professional manner. Keep rocking!!!

    Sultan Ahmed


  10. Hats off to Zulfiqar, Noor and other members of PT.

    “Think big,think fast,think ahead.Ideas are no one’s monopoly”


  11. Hats off to Zulfiqar,Noor and other PT volunteers.

    “Think big,think fast,think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly”


  12. one of the best social and spatial netwok for the informats,

    many greetings to the PTs team. regards

  13. For me being abroad PT is the only source of news updates from GB and it plays its role very effectively. Since it is a voluntary blog so the PT team deserves not only appreciations but our well wishes for success in this effort and in all walks of your lives , may you all be blessed with happyness, peace and prosparity.(Amin).

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