Emergency Imposed in Hunza Valley

PT Report

Islamabad, January 4: Emergency has been imposed in the Hunza valley due to a disaster created by a massive landslide at Attabad Hunza.

The local administration has said that imposition of emergency would enable the government to utilize all resources for the purpose of conducting search and rescue operations.

A rescue operation would expectedly be launched tomorrow morning. Pakistan Army, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance trained volunteers and local volunteers are expected to take part in the search and rescue operations.

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  1. Emergency could have been imposed in the affected area well ahead of time when the symptoms of the land slide was visiable and the panic had started. I remember the situation in June 2005 when the FOCUS had invited a geologist from Tajikistan and he paid a visit to that area and gave his expert suggestions about the future dangers and protection of the people. Since he was a Persian speaker and I was as an interprater with him. I think no body paid due attention to his advices. Similarly we read a report from Dr. Jon Moke and others but we have never taken the situation seriously. It is now a challenge and we should face it and play our role.

    1. I agree with you a 100%
      the government had been warned well ahead of time but they didn’t take notice for the reason that they wanted to collect foreigh aid money which they couldn’t appeal for until the desaster has actuallyhappened.
      I am a student in Islamabad and me and many of my fellow university mates are well aware of all the facts. I wish we had a platform to raise our voice peacefully. I wish we could do something!!

  2. Also please, since you were the interpreter, share some more real information so those reading this would become more informed.

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