[PICTORY] GECA fund raiser gathers hundreds of GBians

Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) had arranged the fund raiser program to generate funds for helping students affected by the damming of Hunza River.The program held at Lok Virsa open theatre was attended by hundreds of people based in the twin cities.

Images: Faisal Ayub & Ehsan Rozdar

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  1. Its nice to celebrate such days
    but more like talibanization look
    because on;y boys and men have occupied the stage but what the ladies.
    i think very intellectuals and professional ladies of Gojal are in Islamabad abad
    but./ still need a connect from so called men to come in front???????????????????????

  2. Congratulations GECA for,the much needed manuveour.The association has been a very valuable platform for the people of Gojal,espacially students.May it be that more unity and progress mustered, regarding such gatherings in the future.

  3. GECA is an equal opportunity organization with no bias of any kind. I wonder why the professional ladies did not participate in the event.

    I was not present there but was there in the planning phase of this event.

    There is no talibanized minded member sitting in GECA, that is for sure.

  4. nice effort by GECA… i really enjoyed the program… such events should b organized to entertain and to gather the people… but one thing is noticeable that the so called Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) is paying more attention on the music rather then education … it will b great pleasure if GECA will change its course a bit towards education… instead of wasting thousands of funds on musical aspects of GECA it will b great achievement if it will pour some money on needy students.. in previous program we observed that huge amount was wasted on gathering artists from far-flung areas.

  5. GECA thanks a lot for the valuable program. I know those people who want to sleep but not to participate at the end they use such pathetic comments with fake names.

  6. Dear All,

    I would like to thank GECA for celebrating a program for our youth in Islamabad. Experiencing the lovely smiling faces of our youth demonstrated their enthusiasm, positive energy in their performances. It opened my eyes saying wow, cool and excellent.

    The reasons for being positive for me was, our youth’s positive images, their confidence and well dresses in that urban culture was giving an excellent image of future leadership. They all looked very smart. I think, it is amazing to see the confidence and fun in their performances. I think, they deserve it. We need confident professional young leaders in future and these are our future leaders.

    When I critically examined the recent history, I thought, this important population came across many problems because the focus of the donor agencies and NGOs / INGOs remained on Improving Girls Education in the area. So the girls got scholarship opportunities to develop their capacity at well established schools, colleges and universities, while parents could not afford to support their sons. Therefore, those young boys who had courage and patience, they worked and continued their education in the urban areas of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad but most of them remained behind in managing their time, finance and commitment to continue their education. Ultimately, it created a jealousy among young boys and girls.

    Keeping the situation in view, the communities initiated English Medium Schools almost the whole Gilgit Balstistan, while the NGOg/INGOs initiated Model Schools in Gilgit & Ghizer of Gilgit Baltistan to overcome the issue of dis balancing few of our societies. We are honored to see the product of those schools have been coming to the society in competing at national and international arena.

    Today, the things we need to do is to integrate the learning among our youth (girls & boys) as leaders of our communities. We also need to create an environment for both to create harmony, respect and care for each other. We need a social therapy, where we can create an environment for our youth to perform their abilities and capabilities for a positive social change. I do agree with many of those who have been saying that we are educated but we need to have a practical step for a social therapeutics as a methodology for human social-emotional-intellectual-cultural development in diverse settings” (Lois Hozman 2010). Our youth has been experiencing the diversity so we need to create an environment where they can demonstrate their positive attitudes towards each other, rather than criticizing and negative competitions.

    Yes, GECA has been playing a role in moving ahead. It is wonderful still we need to go a long way. I think, its not easy to celberate such event in a cultural/ sensitive area of Islamabad, where there are bombing and other bad stuff. Let us learn to appreciate each other, care for emotions and respect each other.

    We live in a male dominated society but our boys and men are quite different. They have been supportive in allowing us to available the opportunities. Currently, they have been going through different pains and difficulties. We must understand their situation and appreciate them.

    Our boys and men have more unity and cooperation because they have time to sit together and discuss on issues and prepare themselves for performances. It makes them confident but our girls do not have opportunities. We are few women in leadership positions but all of us have our dual responsibilities and hindrances so we are not able to give time to our girls to grow up. Our apologies for that but can we think of any creative ideas where our girls and woman can also participate in the cultural shows? What can be the ways, that remaining within our cultural framework,they can demonstrate their abilities?

    Girls, can you give your thoughts or boys and men, can you give few suggestions that we can come up with some alternatives. However, I would request all our male to encourage our girls and women to speak up. It has been noticed that whenever, any girl / women comment on, there appears a big negative impression of criticism. Therefore, all our girls/ women disappeared from Pamir Times. Can you guys make it more gender friendly please???

    Thanks & regards,

    Safida Begum

  7. Dear Khon,
    We are extremely sorry that we cannot publish your comment. It is against our website’s policy. You can read our policy regarding comments on the site under comments etiquette which clearly states that,

    To be able to get approved for appearance on the Pamir Times Blog all comments;
    · Shall be posted using original name, consistent nicks, and/or verifiable email addresses. All comments not following this rule will not be allowed space on Pamir New Blog
    · Shall not be containing abusive, derogatory or harsh verbal attacks on any individual or a family. Such comments shall automatically qualify for deletion
    · shall be objective, free of personal bias and supported with facts
    Najeeb Ullah

  8. Well done nur for the policy man… keep it up man , fake people will disappear without any effort or fight.

  9. Dear Readers of PT,
    I just went through the valuable comments posted regarding the recently held event by GECA to raise some funding for the deserving students of the disastrous area.
    The program was arranged overnight and perhaps many flaws were witnessed while the different items were executed on the stage. I hope that the event has at least provided a little opportunity for the affectees to express themselves and to speak their hearts out either through poetry or traditional dance.

    The role of female folk in this particular even was almost negligible and quite many things also went unnoticed. I feel at the same time that female representatives and leadership should come up and try to create a harmonious situation putting an end to the queries regarding their non or least participation.

    The efforts should be from both ends to change the current scenario. Only one end can not accomplish things towards the women empowerment if women themselves do not move forward despite the hindrances and social barrier. Compared to the other communities of interpretation we have more space for women and have been encouraging their participation in the fields like education and health.
    I hope things keep changing to create a gender balance so that everyone gets equal opportunities to boost themselves in the various horizons of life.

    Let’s hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed for more rapid changes and development.

    All the very best
    Aslam Khan Ghalib

  10. Women hold the sky half as much as men do.
    –says the chinese mind.We have them as a living example in the neighbor.
    There is no doubt our youth is multitalented and have excelled at high in academics.The point that female aren’t much in the co-carrcular front speacially in the recent fund raiser is multifactorial:
    Fistly the preparations were an overnight struggle.
    Lack of interaction among them.
    Reluctance to come up and deliver.
    What the boys performed ought not to be by female–jinky songs build with cukoo words of ish,malang,etc.
    Being drowned in books and many more like this due to their unpredictable and mysteric attitude have left them at cross roads.
    where medical science reveals”’that blood pressure is increased when u move from a rural to urban area–
    our women can be portayed as “an AVE out of the CAGE” modren flux of facilities have made life a puzzle for them.They seem to be more hit by anxiety and frustration,and thats what we would never like to see.Woman is best as a Women.

  11. Dear Readers of Pamir Times;
    I am very thankful to all our volunteers for their contributions to organize this event successfully.Specially i am thankful to Fund Raising Committee (Firdous Karim, Sherzaman Gulzaman, Sherbaz, Sami Ullah Baig, Faisal Ayub and group) for their standby services.
    Participation of our female members are always welcome. We all are well aware of dominance of male in our society but we at GECA are looking for a larger participation by our female members in all upcoming events. Lets hope next time we will see some participation from our Female members.
    We welcome all criticizes for organizing such events efficiently.


    General Secretary GECA Islamabad

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