[Photo Feature] The remaking of KKH


by Asghar Khan

The Karakuram Highway is being improved by a Chinese company, in collaboration with the National Highways Authority.

Expansion work is simultaneously being carried out at different sections of the road, including Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit and Diamir.

Two monuments would be constructed, according to the plans, during this project, inluding Friendship Tunnel (Khunzhrav) and Friendship bridge (connecting Gulmit and Shishkat).

These photographs depict the type of environment in which the labourers operate and the kind ofwork they are carrying on. The terrain of operation is very difficult and poses various risks, inclduing risks to the lives of labourers and commuters. However, durng the course of this project no casualty has been reported so far. Routine and normal injuries are being treated by a team of expert doctors.

While the Chinese may be adding to the list of thier achievements by widening KKH, there are serious questions being asked about the environmental impact of this mammoth project.

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  1. Chinise are doing very good job at kkh. They are making a future of gojal and all gilgit baltista So well done and keep it up. The work was giving us the short term problem but in the long term it will be so comfortable for us.

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