[Feature] Mother of Murtazaabad

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza: An American philanthropist, Diana Mac Arthur, has been given the title of “Mother of Murtazabad” on behalf of the local community for her selfless services to the village.  The lady is working on a plan to establish a model English medium school in Murtazabad Hunza to provide modern facilities for quality education in the region.

The plan is being implemented in collaboration with Al-Murtaza Educational and Social Welfare Organization. The plan includes construction of a state-of-the-art building for Al-Murtaza Academy and training  the local staff to professionally execute the project.  The construction work is expected to start in April and planned to be completed within two years. A professional architect is designing the campus by considering the local cultural and environmental specificities.

The lady is presently in Hunza to held meetings with professional institutions in

Diana McArthur during a meeting with KADO board and management.jpg

Hunza and Gilgit to create synergies for successful implementation of the project.  She has also held meeting with the IDPs of Shishkat and assured to provide support for Lee Rossy Academy, Shishkat.

Talking to this scribe, Ms. Diana said that the middle level school will be extended to higher secondary level, if resources permitted in later stages. Our focus is to develop a center of excellence where students from the surrounding areas should also get benefit from the quality of education, she said.  She further added that efforts are underway to create linkages with LUMS, Ali Academies and other premier institutions and for exchange programmes.  An interactive resource center, having multimedia and ICT tools, will also be established within the school to facilitate learning.

Ms. Diana also appreciated the efforts of Pamir Times for disseminating local information and knowledge in a very professional and organized way.  She said all the people in USA and other parts of the world, interested in the affairs of Gilgit-Baltistan, are regularly benefiting from Pamir Times.

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  1. Dear all,
    It’s really very nice and philanthropic contribution towards quality education in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan .there ate so many people who are contributing for quality development,

  2. The kind efforts made by Ms Diana are very appreciable and the people of Hunza Nagar must thankful for launching a new proposed construcion plan at Murtaza Abad Hunza but I have some grievances regarding the process of selection of Contractors for the comming bidding of the said building.
    I would like to draw kind attention of Madam Diana, ” the mother of Murtaza Abad” that the contractors recommended and pre-qualified for the tendering action of the said building are just a simple contractors having everage performance but many reputed firms were regrettably neglected by the recommenders for the same.
    I request Madam Diana to call advertisement in web-site and local news pappers so that more much experienced competetors could be available and the process may not be monoplized by a handful persons.
    Thank you and best regards,,
    M Bilal, Managing Director, Bilal & Brothers, Gilgit

  3. I request PAMIR TIMES to convey my earlier request to Madam Diana, ” The Mother of Murtazabad”

  4. You must consult the Board of Directors of Al Murtaza Academy regarding your issue.Thanx!

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