Mother loses child because of lack of medical facilities in Gojal

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Gulmit, April 1: Death won the 36 hours long painful battle as a mother lost her new born child due to unavailability of medical care facilities in Gojal valley.

According to details a woman from Passu was brought to the health center of Aga Khan Health Services established in Gulmit Gojal the other day for delivering a child. The nurses present at the center could not handle the case because of complexities developed during the delivery process. Nurses managing the center referred the patient to more equipped centers in Aliabad – Hunza and Gilgit but due to unavailability of transportation, as the boats don’t operate at night time, she could not be moved out of the land locked Gojal valley.

After waiting in pain and grief for the entire night she was taken on a private boat to Aliabad in miserable condition and from there she was shifted to Gilgit for treatment where she delivered the child. The new born child died after a very short span of time while condition of the mother is reported to be out of danger.

Locals informed this scribe that till yesterday afternoon there was no doctor at the Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Gulmit. Towards yesterday evening, however, Dr Shahid of the health department reached Gulmit on a boat, carrying two packs of medicine, mostly pain killers. Dr. Shahid told Pamir Times that he has been deputed in Gulmit for a period of ten days.

It is ironic that during the governor’s visit of Hunza a couple of weeks back a team of three doctors had been sent to Gulmit but the team left soon after the governor’s tour was over.

Emotions are flared up throughout the valley because despite of declaring Gojal as a calamity hit region no steps have been taken to reduce sufferings of the people. It is also pertinent to note that notification of the calamity hit status has yet not been issued by the government despite of an announcement made by the defunct governor.

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  1. Sorry to what has happen, but more worried about other issue that are much serious. What is AKHS doing where is its services, where doctors, they have all the best patients need them now. Where is the vision of AKDN.
    Second of all where are all the Gojali doctors, well feel so proud of them, a child form Passu is dead and next form which village, we do not know? Should we be proud of all the professionals do we have to hat to though for them.
    We live in poor country and we do no about our resources and all the corruption in our system. But what about your own institutions that we take pride in, why because we feel confident about them in days like these that they will not let us down, but we are dying.
    What are we doing? When we will know and help our self. Do we not have resources, what about our system, our values, moral obligation towards the society, when we will think some time on such issues. Are we only united for festivals and ceremonies…………………
    Sorry That we Gojalies do not fathered good doctors , to save us when in pain. Every one should be answer to all the people who have lost their lives. Young or old. No one will help us if we ourselves bother to care.

  2. Its sad news and signal to high-ups of Government and AKDN institution. The CM of GB and other NGO institution heads must realize the situation and think why people of Gojal are much concerning and demanding ‘to do more’. Its is a matter of shame for all of them, that despite of declaring the area as calamity hit area Government Hospital and AKHS Child and Mother Care Centers are without Doctors. God help us.

  3. A sad news indeed. This will increase more undermining and trust deficit between the administration and the public. Although the area had been decleared as ‘calamity hit area’,still the basic needs and goods are not available.Hospitals are lacking Doctors and trained nurses,who may run their hands during serious time.
    The AKHS should realise the fact and provide doctors and nurses with well equiped machinery to the area to counter the general perception of deep sleep by the local administration and AKDN agencies.Apart from the jeopardy,it is also a golden oppurtunity for the new administration to prove its credibility and good will.
    Lets hope for the best!

  4. The Government of Gilgit Baltistan, ex Governor and NDMA are responsible for the death of the new born child….Qamar Zaman Qaira…where are the Doctar you annouced during your visit… make fool the peopleof Gojal valley and you will face it

  5. It is indeed very sad news that a mother lost her baby,
    Where should the people of Gojal go now, to me this is the first incident and maybe we will face more difficulties in future.

    Responsibility of this event obviously goes to the so called govt. (Mr CM and Governor), because in Pakistan it happens, politician visit the affected area and given their press conferences with showing that all is going well.. that all… AKHSP????? What is their strategy, no one understands.. i do not know what are their priorities for disaster affected areas….

    Well, we believe that people of Gojal are organize, educated and well aware… why do not we do one thing??? Which to me is the only solution to save our self from more incidents in future…..
    First, with the help of Focus to identify or forecast the future risks and damages from the Dam created on Hunza River. Secondly, Volunteer should conduct meetings at village levels to access the existing resources or capacity to meet those risks and damages. thirdly, to identify the gaps or lacking

    Fourth, to prepare ourself and try to acquire or fill those gapes. (for example in case, if KKH is blocked for 6 or 8 months how much food will be needed, medicine, Hygiene kits, .. clothing..etc with considering our weather conditions..)… may be through community participation or donation.. through different NGOs.. or Govt…..

    so that more mothers do not lose their love ones

  6. really sad indeed. may Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give good health to the mother.
    it must be a moment worry and shame for the all health departments fo Gilgit-Baltistan….. someone in the previous comment has rightly raised the point that where are the doctors of GB. when we get any achievement then the very first thing we hear from our homeland is ‘the son/daughter of GB did this and we are proud of him/her’ and if we are conscious then these kind of hard time is the moment to actually prove that we hold the weight our fathers and mothers should be proud of.
    may GOD give us all the courage to serve our suffered family at this hard time.

  7. I agree with observation of Nazeer Ali Khan. It is really sad that a child has been passed away for no fault her or his. But Nazeer has rightly hit the nail when he reffered to what we people of Gojal have done. It is a tehsil which claims to have more educated people than other areas of the region. there are plenty of doctors in Gojal but unfortunately there is not a single clinic run by a gojali doctor. Our professionals are ready to serve in cities than in the remote area of gojal. the sad tragedy encapsulate the situation in overall region. We have rightly criticized government for its negligence. Now it is time to have internal criticism of our own people. otherwise we will remain trapped in the mentality of vicitmhood which has been increase by aftermath of Attabad tragedy.

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