Strike in Gilgit City

By Farman Karim

GILGIT: A strike is being observed in Gilgit against an attack attempting to kill Salamat Jan, President of Labor wing, Pakistan Muslim League (N)

Salamat Jan was severely injured in firing by unidentified gunmen last night. He was taken to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) for treatment. Police arrested four suspects who may be involved in the incident.


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  1. plz ask the people of our area to change their mind,world is going through unlimited speed of development in every aspect of life as our area is concern it is is under slow process of development why such action are putting forward to hinder the slow pace development which is negligible as compared to another parts of is media who can create awareness among masses.plz do sth so that our area get in line of prosperity,as it it going through a political transition period. awareness at every level is necessary,plz change minds of people.

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