Express TV reporting from Gulimt


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  1. Where was the media before?? when every thing has already been destroyed media has reached the destination to cover all the miseries of our people. Media has also been the accomplice for not addressing the people of Gojal. Although i still apreciate them for what they are doing right now but this should have been done much earlier to compel the government to pay attention towards this disaster. Now things have already gone out of man’s control except the rehabilitation process of our people which needs immediate attention by the Governments and other concerned authorities.
    Government has got a little chance to prove their sympathy with us by providing our people with the daily necessities of life. I must say media is doing a good job though late but not over yet.

    Engr.Akber Ali

  2. The same question also arise in my mind which is mentioned above that where was the Pakistani media, when this disaster was in its initial phases? That time the media can be the a major impetus to force the administration to counter this disaster swiftly but once again the national media acted biased against the Gilgit Baltistan region.
    Now when this water bomb is going to explode and rampaging the downstream, the media is rushed toward the affected area, to show their sympathy with the affected ones. But it is good to have something rather then having nothing at all. Last but not the least the voice of the unheard were listened.

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