Martyred SSG soldier laid to rest in Hyderabad – Hunza

By Farhat Ullah Baig Photos Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 13: Muhammad Ayub, 28, a member of the Special Services Group of Pakistan Army was martyred during the recent terrorist attack on GHQ in Rawalpindi. His body was shifted to Haiderabad, Hunza, by an Army helicopter and laid to rest in the presence of hundreds of mourners. He was martyred on 11 October.

He was son of a retired army soldier, Muhammad Ismail. His brother, Muhammad Sarfaraz is serving in the Gilgit – Baltistan Scout. He leaves behind a widow and a son.

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  1. We salute shaheed Muhammad Ayub and other martyred in the recent attack on GHQ.He is our hero and we proud for this. God give strength to the bereaved family to bear the loss.

    Country of Gilgit / Baltistan are proud that the sons of soul are courageous and brave and can defence the county t any time.

  2. v r proud of the brave sons of gilgitbaltistan who have always sacrificed thier lives for the integrity, honor and security of our motherland……..
    I salute you….

  3. “Jab Tak Na Jaly Deep Shaheedun k Laho Se
    Kehtay Hain Ki Jannat mai Charaghan Nahi Hota”

  4. We are really proud of our brave sons, who are second none in defending their country despite deprivation of Gilgit-Baltistan in every field. The region is full of such brave men and women. They need only opportunity and encouragement. (Zara Num Hoo Too Yeh Mittee Barhi Zarkhaiz Hay Saaqi).
    I pray to God for grant of patience to the grieved family and peaceful resting of the departed soul.

  5. We are really proud of him, May God bless his soul in eternal peace and give strength to the family and friends to bear it with patience. Ameen..

    Almaty KZ

  6. with load of prayers,

    I salute the Martyr in serving the Army and representing GB

    Its He the Man in Uniform Who are always at Front Lines

    Long live Hunza

    Long live Pakistan

    I hope Pakistan is in a Position to learn,How good do We the

    People of Gilgit & Baltistan Represent our home land and at large our Lovely Mother Land .Pakistan Zinda Abad

    I hope there is no more Excuse left for our nation to accept us as Pakistanis.We need province and we need our representers in pakistan pariliament.We demand for rights of vote , but not for a dummy Assembly as the present GB,

    We are proud of Pakistan and will remain loyal pakistan at all times

    Please for God sack,no more we need a governor from Punjab to represent our Areas the so called Gilgit & Baltistan. We are
    Eduated people and are always in hands with hand with Pakistan

    i hope Pakistan can recognize us one Day.Already 61 yrs passed

    Pakstan Pahinda Abad.

  7. “I don’t want My Teenage Queen.
    Just give Me My Rifle AK47

    If I die in a Battle Zone
    Box Me up and send Me home

    Put My Medals on My chest
    Tell My Mom I did My best

    Tell My love not to cry
    I am a Hunzukutz born to die

    Young born warrior

    Died Victorious”

    A tribute to the Mohummad Ayoub from Hunza, who lost his life in GHQ Operation.

    May God bless his soul in eternal peace. Aameen

  8. We are really proud of him, May God bless his soul in eternal peace . ned more pics so plz upload more Ayub shaheed pics soon. Regards

  9. We ( GB) are really proud of him, May God bless his soul in eternal peace Ameen..
    Pak Army Zindabad , Pakistan payendabad

    Please uploade his picture so all of us will know his face to Remmber in our prays….

    Ejaz karim
    From Saudi Arabia

  10. we r opt to just not pay tribute we also glance the government to also pay at these area an concern the govt to also look an pay tribute to the PEOPLE OF GILGIT BALTISTAN

  11. Ayub.
    You have done a job which is a dream of every soldier. We are proud and pray that our soul gives more of sons and daughters like you.

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