Spillway as of May 8

As depth of the lake formed on Hunza River reached 312 ft approximately rising at the daily average rate of 3.2 ft, the free board has reduced to around 55 ft. The time for spillover, as predicted by Dr. David Petley, is May 22. The professor says on his blog that the spillover might occur before the given date if rate of water inflow in Hunza River increases further. Image: Zulfiqar Ali Khan
Photograph taken from an elevated point. The spillway is at left side.

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  1. The Government still seems pretty convinced that they are going to drain the water through the spill way, certainly living in the fools’ paradise.

    This is the level of expertise of the technical bodies/advisors, (FWO/NDMA). How helpless we all feel as the PPP government of GB seems have been ignoring the area as if it is not their territory.

    May Mawla save us from this ignorant regime.

  2. I think we are entering a very crucial phase /time.

    We pray that the loss of life or property is minimum irrespective of the fact if the water flows over the spillway or the dam breaches during or before or after the flow of water.

    The crucial period after reading Dr Petley’s website and on site situation an dincrease of inflow of water is between 15 May to 30 May with more careful period starting 20th may onwards.

    I request all citizens of Gojal to fully cooperate with the local government and FOCUS in all evacuation,safety advice.Please follow their instructions. Please do not spread rumors as this will not help anyone. We should all be like one big family helping each other.

    FOCUS has done excellent work in this whole time from start(even before when it evacuate many house hold before landslide and early survey warning government of potential landsliding big risk) of Landslide upto now and we thanking FOCUS from bottom of our heart. We will never forget the good work FOCUS has done.

    We should pray to Allah for everyones safety.Ameen.

  3. Thanks for all the information. I’m not getting much of the information from e-media on this issue. This website is helping me a lot. I hope the local authorities work well in this crucial time along with Pakistani government.

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