IDPs of Ghochar, Ishkoman, without electricity

PT Report

Gilgit, April 27: The Internally Displaced People of Ghochar Nallah in Dayin, Ishkoman, are living in the darkness having been relocated to tents. Land of their village had developed cracks just like Attabad. The IDPs are living in tents for the past two months without electricity.

The local people say that a power pylon is present near the tent village but due to negligence of the officials these people are forced to live without electricity. The local people have demanded of the PWD to electrify the tent village on emergence basis.

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  1. Dear Jahangirat IRC Islamabad,

    Can you talk with the concern PWD staff to help those IDPs! Or some one shares name and contact no of the concern XEN sahib with me.


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